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Who is your mothers next of kin would it be her daughter or her sister or brothers Her daughter is looking to move and take mom with and her sister said you couldn't take her anywhere no will or POA?

Next of kin is first the spouse, then the children, then siblings. The daughter may move with her mom, taking mom with her, so long as the mother wishes to do so - unless th (MORE)

When your mom dies who gets her and her brothers inheritance when there mother dies?

I think all of her properties would then go to her children but if she does not have any it would either go to her mother or nieces/nephews. Another View: Not enough informat (MORE)

Why don't i live with my mom but my brothers and sisters do?

That is called split custody. There may be more than one reason for this. If all of you lived with your mom, you would all have to travel more often to visit your dad, or your (MORE)
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What do you do if your around a fire in your house and your mom dad and brothers and sisters are sleeping?

Try to wake up your mom and your other family members in the house.  Don't panic because if you do, then you will panic your family  members too. Try to stay calm and maybe (MORE)