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What happens when brother and sister buy a house and brother dies without leaving a will or survivorship deed Does his son have any claim to house or does sister own all This is in Ohio?

Answer . The way the property is titled determines who takes ownership.. If the property is titled as Joint Tenants or Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship, the surv (MORE)

Mother and son own property as joint tenants. Mother conveys to daughter by quit claim deed. Are sister and brother now joint tenants?

No. They are now tenants in common. If one joint tenant conveys their interest to a third party the joint tenancy is severed. If brother and sister wish to own as joint tenant (MORE)
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Mother passed away brother says she gave him a quit claim deed for property?

Tell brother to produce the deed and have it examined by an attorney for validity. Find some documents with your mother's signature in case you need samples for making a compa (MORE)

Would my husbands brothers wife be my sister-in-law?

I have looked up the definition in several online dictionaries & I think the answer is yes. (MORE)
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If a brother and sister owed land together and the brother died without leaving a will and they have other siblings would the sister on the deed get the property The brother never married.?

Answer . The answer depends on how the land was titled. If sister and brother acquired the land as Joint Tenants With the Right of Survivorship then brother's interest would (MORE)
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What do you call your brothers wifes sister?

i believe that your brother's wife's sister is also your sister in law No, I think not! But as you seem to have the hots for your brother's wife's sister, you can call her "ho (MORE)

My mom died. My brother had both parents sign a quite claim deed during her illness. My father is not ill. is this legal and how do you challenge a quit claim deed?

If your mother signed the deed of her own free will and was legally capable then the deed is not vulnerable to challenge. A person has the right to transfer their interest in (MORE)

Who is the mom on brothers and sisters?

Sally Field, a two time academy award winner ---for Norma Rae and Places In The Heart, where she exclaimed: you really, really like me! or something like it. Also a TV star in (MORE)

When your mom dies who gets her and her brothers inheritance when there mother dies?

I think all of her properties would then go to her children but if she does not have any it would either go to her mother or nieces/nephews. . Another View : Not enough inf (MORE)