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What are the contributions that Judaism has made?

Judaism has contributed: 1. monotheism 2. the concept of individual rights 3. public education 4. ethical treatment of animals 5. the concept of a day of rest from (MORE)
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What contribution has the Islamic food made to our modern world?

Islamic food, as you might call it. Is the same like any other food found around the globe. There is no such thing as an Islamic food. Islamic way of preparing food is on the (MORE)
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What important democratic ideas did judaism promote to an ethical view of the world?

Unlike many ancient societies whose people looked upon their ruleras a god, Jews saw their ruler as fully human and bound to obeyGod's law. In Judaism, all are equal in front (MORE)
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What important democratic ideas did judaism promote through its ethical view of the world?

Prior to the Babylonian Exile, Judaism was strongly committed toits monarchy, believing that legitimate rulers could only come bydescent from the legendary King David. After t (MORE)
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What is the most important contribution Judaism made to humanity?

That's hard to say, and is actually a matter of personal opinion. My opinion is that the most important one was probably one of these ideas: . - Parents should not kill t (MORE)

What was one important contribution made by the ancient Romans to the world?

The main legacies ofthe Romans are religion, the alphabet, language, the calendar, law,architecture and literature. Christianity developedfrom a religion among a small gro (MORE)