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What information can you give about a English coin with a crown on one side and Victoria's image on the other side?

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What is the coin with a 1877 Indian on one side and a buffalo on the other it is made of silver?

Answer   This isn't any standard US coin and I doubt if many other countries use either of these symbols. Can you tell us what other writing is on the coin - perhaps it s

What is the value of a coin from 1968 that says un centesimo on one side and urraca on the other?

You are asking about a 1 Centesimo coin from Panama (KM#22). The coin is 19.05mm in diameter, weighs 3.1 grams and is made of Bronze. The obverse (front) has a bust of Urraca

What is the value of a coin with Georgivs III Rex on one side and 1773 and Britannia on the other?

Your coin is either a British copper Halfpenny or a Farthing. Both coins are near identical other than for size and both coins have multiple variants which are mostly minor

What is the value of a coin dated 1826 one side saying Georgius IV dei gratia the other side is a picture of a lion on a crown and says Britanniarum rex fidei defensor?

Your coin is either an 1826 British Sixpence or a Shilling. Both coins are almost identical, the Shilling at 23.5 mm in diameter being significantly larger than the Sixpence a