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What inspired Galileo to like math?

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What was Galileo like?

Curious,brialliant, loving (he had a daughter), and one of the first true scientists who tried to understand life through experiment and observation.

What inspired Galileo?

Galileo was inspired by 'philosophy of Aristotle.' The 'philosophy of Aristotle' was the concept that the earth was round. This idea intrigued him to the point of creating the

What does Galileo look like?

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Who was Galileo Galileis inspiration?

Probably the monks. He was taught by monks for a while but he also went to collage where people studied astronomy, art, agriculture, mathematics and literature. So he might ha

What did Galileo inspire?

Generations of dreamers. Airplanes, submarines, rockets to the moon -and beyond! What a WILD imagination!

How does Galileo look like?

The astronomer Galileo currently looks like bones and dust. The space probe named after him was launched by the space shuttle Atlantis mission STS-34. A photograph and more in
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Why did Galileo become interested in math?

Because Galileo had first contemplated a career in medicine but he didn't like working that job, but he had became interested in mathematics after attending a lecture on geome

Did Galileo do math?

Galileo's corn allergies made it impossible for him to use the normal paper that used during that time. Math was only done on paper therfore Galileo could not do any math.