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What instructions dose Circe give Odysseus?

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How does odysseus feel about circe?

He's not particularly fond of her, due to her turning his men into swine. However, he does sleep with her after she swears never to harm him; he does also stay with her for on

How did Circe help Odysseus?

Circe fed Odysseus and his men for a full year. When Odysseus wanted to leave, Circe tells him to go to the underworld to hear a prophecy of how to get home. Circe also warn

How did Odysseus trick Circe?

Hermes gives him a plant which allows Odysseus to withstand Circe's spell and so she is not able to turn him into an animal.

What advice does circe gives Odysseus?

Circe tells Odysseus he must travel to Hades to get the advice of  the blind Theban prophet Teiresias. She tells Odysseus how to sail  to Hades, and gives him and his crew a

How does Odysseus resist Circe magic?

Hermes gives Odysseus a magic herb called Moly, a herb that  symbolizes the protection of the gods, as only the gods can uproot  it. It allows Odysseus to resist Circe's poi