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How do you know when a guy you just met a few months ago might have an interest in you when he acts kinda like it but it's hard to tell?

Answer   I think that when someone has an interest in another person, they make contact happen--like phone calls, meeting for activities and so on. If he is not able to do (MORE)

What do you do when a guy you kinda know cries?

  If he will let you comfort him by a hug then give him a hug but if he turns away just tell him you are there for him if he needs you. Don't bring the situation up as guy (MORE)

What should you do if you like a girl a few years older than you a lot but she is in a relationship with a guy her age that you kinda know Shes 16 and Im almost 14 Please Help Me?

dont bother. chances are she wont go for someone 3 years younger than her, specialy if she already has a boyfriend. theres no point making problems for everyone involved when (MORE)

How do you know if a guy likes you if he is kinda weird?

You ask him or you'll never really know. Then again, if you don't like him - don't ask if you aren't ready for the answer or your intent is to hurt his feelings.
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I'm sorryI know this is kinda TMIbut I'm jwwhy do guys teen lick and suck boobs or the nipple Is it to please the girl or do they enjoy it?

These actions are usually performed with two adult individuals who  are intimate.These actions are referred to as foreplay and  sometimes it may stimulate your body's senses (MORE)