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What do you do when a guy you kinda know cries?

  If he will let you comfort him by a hug then give him a hug but if he turns away just tell him you are there for him if he needs you. Don't bring the situation up as guy (MORE)

You love this guy and you really like him but im 2 scared 2 talk 2 him how can you show him you like him with it not being that he thinks im weird please help me THANK U?

  Just say "hi, (insert name here)" to him in the hallway or wave or something. After you do that for a while, if he isn't doing anything just ask him how he is or (I'm as (MORE)

What If he likes you but other girl likes him and he kinda likes her to?

talk to him about it or you'll never know what might happen. communication is a good thing. but first look at the signs for example if he hangs out more with the other girl th (MORE)

How do you know if a guy likes you if he is kinda weird?

You ask him or you'll never really know. Then again, if you don't like him - don't ask if you aren't ready for the answer or your intent is to hurt his feelings.
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