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In sociology what is the difference between inequality and inequity?

Inequality refers primarily to the condition of being  unequal, and it tends to relate to things that can be expressed in  numbers.1Inequity, in its main sense, is a  close

What are algebra inequalities?

Linear algebraic inequalities can be described as an expression with a variable >/< an expression with a variable. For example, 2x

What is Bell's Palsy?

Bell's palsy is a paralysis of cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) resulting in inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. Several conditions can cause a facia

Who can get Bell's palsy?

Anyone who has had chicken pox or shingles, or any other type of herpes virus infection. Answer 2 Anyone can get Bell's Palsy, what you get it from is a separate question. I h

What is a double inequality?

A double inequality is an inequality where there are two signs, as opposed to one. Ex: an inequality could be 3x < 15 A double inequality could be 3x < 15 < x + 20 If you'd w

What is the definition of inequality?

An inequality is simply a relation between two mathematical expressions that is not strictly equal. For example, the relation can be "greater than" (>), less than (

What is an inequality sign?

It is the 'equals' sign with a diagonal slash through it.

What are inequalities?

  An inequality is actually an equation. It is solved just like an equation, except it has no exact answer. Instead many numbers will satisify the inequality. For this r

What is global inequality?

Global inequality, in a broad sense, is the idea that people in different places (or times) are unequal in terms of their relations to one-another. Usually, people focus on ec

How can you graph an inequality?

You have to graph an inequality on a number line. For example, x>3. The number 3 on the number line gets an open circle around it, and a line is extended to all the other poss

What are health inequalities?

    Hello i was seeing if you can help me answer this question.       1.How do you Graph Inqualities?     2.What are the 6 Scientific Inquiry St