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What is Climax for The Maze by Will Hobbs?

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What ideas did Hobbes have?

He believed people were by nature selfish and ambitious. He thought that the government need a monarch to control them >>--(king of kings)-->>

What did Hobbes believe in?

  Hobbes believed people are greedy and selfish. He also believed that only a powerful government can create a peaceful, orderly society.

What is the theme of the book The Maze by Will Hobbs?

The Maze is about a 14 year old boy named Rick that is an orphan and he doesn't want to face the consequences. Rick had run away and found himself at a dead end which is at th

What is climax?

   An exciting moment in the story  /  

What is Calvin and Hobbes?

Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip created by Bill Watterson. It is a comic strip about a boy and his stuffed tiger, The boy (Calvin) pretends that his tiger is real. It is fu

What is a climax?

The climax of the story is the turning point of the story; the moment when the ultimate suspence reaches its peak.  

What is the climax?

The climax of a story is the highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of a story. It is often the turning point of the story, which determines the final

What is a maze?

  A maze is a series of wall making dead ends, entrys and exits to get out in and around the maze

Hobbes and Locke?

Two fameous philosophers. To make a long story short, Locke-People are good Hobbes-People are bad

What are beliefs of Hobbes?

    Hobbes. A man beast really. He believes that there should be one major ruler. he calls that man a kraken, or sea monster. he believes that all humans are born like

Who is hobbes?

Hobbes is a stuffed tiger from Calvin and Hobbes, Who is Calvin's best friend. He imagines him as a Imaginary friend. Hobbes has a big heart, is funny, and loves Calvin. He th