What is Florida ranked in population?

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Where does Florida rank in education?

Ranking vary from year to year, but Florida ranked 5th in 2011 and 11th in 2012. Florida has ranked in the top 15 for the last four years.

Where does Florida rank in size?

Florida ranks number four in size. The number one top ranked statein the US is California. The number two ranked state is Texas.

What was the rank for Florida?

Florida became the 27 th US State. . It is the 4 th most heavily populated State. . It is the 8 th most densely populated State. . It is the 22 nd largest US State.

What is population and rank?

Population is the amount of people in a city, town, or place. Numbers are used to express p opulation . Usually big numbers express population . Rank is how high someones
In Florida

What is the rank of Florida in the nation?

Florida has the lowest average level above sea level of any state. Florida ranks first in the US for number of alligators and manitees living in the wild. There are other ra