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What is George's attitude toward Lennie in this section Why does he stay with Lennie from of mice and men?

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What desbribes Lennie and George's dream for the future in the Of Mice and Men?

In Of Mice and Men, Lennie's dream is to own their farm with lots of rabbits, and George's dream is to take care of Lennie, own in their own farm with lots of rabbits, beat th

Where does Lennie hide in 'Of Mice and Men'?

when Lennie does something really bad he is supposed to go hide in the brush where they had camped the night before they went into work.

In Of Mice and Men what is Lennie and George's relationship?

George orders Lennie around and he tries to prevent him from getting in trouble. but it usually doesn't work so when ever he gets in trouble George always tries to get him out

'Of Mice and Men' - is Lennie black?

The book isn't specific about that. No Lennie is not black. Although the book does not specifically address that, Crooks is the only black person working on the ranch out of

Describe Lennie in mice of men?

Lennie: George's companion, the source of the novel's conflict. Lennie, enormous, ungainly, and mentally slow. Lennie's ignorance and innocence and helplessness, his childish

Does Lennie die in mice and men?

Lennie does die in 'Of Mice and Men', he is killed in the 6th (final chapter) by his friend George. George shoots him in the 'brush' which is also featured in the first chapte