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What is Hawk girl 's weakness?

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Who is hawk girl?

Hawkgirl is a pretty, young superheroine who is a member of the Justice Legaue. Her real name is Shayera Hol in the 2001 and 2004 shows.

Why are girls so weak and skinny?

  Women are smaller than men probably because men need to compete for mates (and therefore fight each other) while women do not. In most primates one can make a fair gue

Why do boys prefer weak girls?

So that they can show off their muscles ---------------------- The simple answer is they don't want to be shown up. The big answer is that human males (might) have a gen
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Is a girls weakness tickling?

Some girls are ticklish, some are not. I'm ticklish, and I am a former soldier and former police officer- and am not a girl.
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Is hawk girl an alien?

yes and no she came in a diffrent planet but she doesn't have a alien skin so mostly no ^ if she came from a different planet, then she is an alien. so the answer is yes. sh