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What is Jack doing as the chapter opens in lord of the flies?

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Lord of the Flies chapter 4 - why did Jack let the fire out?

Jack had two over riding obsessions in Lord of the Flies. Jack wanted to be leader and he also wanted to hunt (and kill) pigs. Jack had devised a new strategy which involved h

How is Jack presented to the reader in chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies?

  Jack is presented to the reader as a boy who is used to weilding authority and enjoys it. He has no time to spare for anyone for whom he has no respect. He is described

In chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies what does Ralph ask Jack?

  Ralph asks Jack a number of questions in chapter 7 but perhaps the most pertinent one is covered by the following quote... Now it was Ralph's turn to flush but he spoke

What does Jack talk to his tribe about in Lord of the Flies chapter 10?

Jack tells his tribe that tomorrow they will go hunting for meat and that the rest of the boys can improve the cave and defend the gate against the others and the beast. He re