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What is Jack doing as the chapter opens in lord of the flies?

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What mask does Jack put on in chapter four of Lord of the Flies?

Jack does not put on a mask. Jack masks his face with coloured clays and black charcoal markings. The intention was to camouflage himself from the pigs he was hunting but the

What is Jack preoccupied with in Lord of the Flies chapter 3?

Jack was preoccupied with hunting pigs in chapter 3:Huts on the Beach. Initially he was hunting alone in the forest, apparently long after the other hunters had given up and r

How is Jack presented to the reader in chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies?

  Jack is presented to the reader as a boy who is used to weilding authority and enjoys it. He has no time to spare for anyone for whom he has no respect. He is described

In chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies what does Ralph ask Jack?

  Ralph asks Jack a number of questions in chapter 7 but perhaps the most pertinent one is covered by the following quote... Now it was Ralph's turn to flush but he spoke