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What is Leonardo theme in his art work?

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How does the Leonardo invention of the parachute work?

Leonardo's parachute worked just like today's modern parachutes. But Leonardo did not know that the linen cloth he used would spread itself out in the air so he made a pyramid

Are there any rumors about Leonardo da Vinci's art work?

Yes. The Mona Lisa. Why is she smiling? What's her story? Some people think her mysterious grin meant she was secretly pregnant, but that would be unlikely in conjunction with

What themes did michelangelo use for his art?

The art was mainly a religious theme. At times people like Michelangelo were commissioned to make a tomb for a Pope or a building ( the Vatican), but for the most part everyth

How does Leonardo Da Vinci feel about his art?

Leonardo felt proud of his artwork and felt like since God made him he was important.

What are the nine themes of art?

  1. Visual Delight and the Arts of Daily Life   2. Sacred Realm   3. Politics and the Social Order   4. Stories and Histories   5. Looking Outward: The Here a

Who has Leonardo da Vinci worked for?

First of all his teacher Andrea del Verrocchio. Monks of San DonatoDuke Lodovico of MilanDuke of RomagnaCesare BorgiaFrancois I of France

Who did Leonardo da Vinci work for?

Leonardo Da Vinci worked for the painter Andrea Del Verrocchio. Answer 2: Verrocchio was his teacher. Later Leonardo went to Milan and worked several years for the Duke of Mi

Where did Leonardo da Vinci work?

He worked in the studio of Andrea del Verrocchio for five years,  from the age 15 to 20. He then went to a painting guild called 'The  guild of St. Luke.' After four years t

Leonardo da vinci's style of art?

Like other Italian Renaissance artists, Leonardo represented  perspective in a realistic way in his paintings. His  representations of the human form show his detailed knowl