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What is United Nations?

An international organization composed of most of the countries of the world. It was founded in 1945 to promote peace, security, and economic development.  

What does the United Nations do?

the UN provides a location where nations can meet and discuss their problems and issues including women's rights, AIDS, social and economic development.

What are the United Nations?

The United Nations was established by Charter at San Francisco on June 26,1945.It is based on the sovereign equality of all its members and establishes machinery to enable the

Where is the United Nations?

The United Nations' headquarters is located in New York, NY, USA. The United Nations is located on the East river in New York City on international boundaries. All the organs

Who is in the United Nations?

Current members: Afghanistan 01946-11-19 19 November 1946 ~  Albania 01955-12-14 14 December 1955 ~  Algeria 01962-10-08 8 October 1962 ~  Andorra 01993-07-28

What does 'United Nations' mean?

An organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security The United Nations is an international organization consisting of nearly all s

Why do we have the United Nations?

The United Nations was established during the Second World War, as a brainchild of Franklin Roosevelt. He wanted to create it so that the world could avoid fighting another gl

In the united nations organization - what does veto mean?

The veto power in the UN allows its five permanent members on the Security Council (USA, Russia, UK, France and China) to say no to any resolution they disagree with. The veto