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What is Neurochemical evidence of persons with special needs?

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Is evidence needed to charge a person of a crime?

  Yes, there needs to be enough evidence to rise to the level of probable cause. This is decided by a judge in a preliminary hearing or a grand jury by way of indictment.

What is the evidence needed for a person to be convicted of armed robbery in South Carolina?

Confession - eyewitness testimony - videotape of the offense occurring - physical evidence left at the scene - testimony of accomplices - circumstantial evidence - etc) Or a c

What evidence is needed in small claims court that a person owes you money?

1. If the debt is based upon a promissory note, a copy of the promissory note is very helpful. This is especially true of you are seeking an amount of money in excess of the a

What types of evidence does the prosecuter need to convict a person of attempted murder?

Evidence to convict a person or persons of attempted murder could include: A. The testimony of the person who survived the wounds created by a defendant in a hospital where