What is Neurochemical evidence of persons with special needs?

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What evidence is needed to be arrested?

Individual jurisdictions laws may vary but the primary thing needed for an arrest is a warrant signed by a judge who found sufficient cause for the arrest. Physical evidence may not be required if there is sufficient witness statements. Some standard exceptions to requiring a warrant are, a law enfo (MORE)

What evidence do you need present in civil court?

Whatever evidence might prove or disprove the claim(s) that are being made.. Financial records, (cancelled checks, receipts, etc.) affidavits (is applicable) photos (if applicable) and so on and so forth.

What need special needs customers?

Special needs customers have needs that include a ramp at theentrance of the store for those who are wheel-chair bound and agrab handle for customers who can walk with a walking aid.In-store, special needs customers may need help with reach itemsfrom shelves that are too high up for them.

What makes a person special?

What makes a person special, is completely in the way you view the word special. Special can mean so many wonderful or horrible things. As they say "...beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so is the word special, you'll know if someone is special to you or not.

What is a very special person?

A very special person is someone who you deem as special to you. Some people will call their friend a special friend, or say that their lover is special to them. There are many reasons why someone would be consider special to another person.

Do you need evidence for a small claims lawsuit?

\n. \nYes, you must present evidence that your claim is correct so the court can see if your claim is valid. You must also anticipate what the other party is going to say so that you can bring evidence to refute their contentions. The more evidence you have to support your claim, the more likely th (MORE)

What is special needs?

It is how to say disabled politely. Could be anything from people who lost their legs or are blind, to people with bad ADHD or depression, to people autism.

Is evidence needed to charge a person of a crime?

Yes, there needs to be enough evidence to rise to the level of probable cause. This is decided by a judge in a preliminary hearing or a grand jury by way of indictment. For more information see the related links below.

What is the most special person?

Me, Well i wish..Probadly Jesus, God or the Queen? Even though Jesus And God dont live anymore, They are still overly talked about everywhere so i would imagen them?

What are the federal rules of evidence and why are they needed?

A group of federal trial rules that pertain to the introduction of evidence. They are necessary so that people trying cases introduce valid evidence and for the court to determine with some basis for the decision what evidence gets into the record. The record is the only basis for a court's decision (MORE)

I need to interview people on why Christ existed I accept answers from all religions and views Any archeological evidence- biblical- non-theological- personal- historical etc thanksssssssss?

There is a great deal of evidence that Jesus existed outside of the four Gospel accounts in the Bible, the book of the Acts of the Apostles and the many letters written by Paul and others on the teachings and theology of Jesus Christ.] References include: Josephus who was a 1st century Jewish h (MORE)

Using my personal 15 seater van in Brooklyn NY do I need a special drivers license to transport children from home to school?

No. If it seats 15 or less (driver included), it does not require a CDL. However, if you're operating it in a for hire capacity, I believe New York is one of the state's which issues a "chauffeurs licence" for persons carrying any number of passengers on a for hire basis. Additionally, as this invol (MORE)

What were Zeus special personality traits?

Zeus is best known for his numerous affairs with mortals and gods alike. In the Odyssey he appears to appreciate the worship of mortals and disapprove of those who blame the gods for their troubles. He is not above being tricky and seems to be very much the politician, working around the various des (MORE)

Who decides if there is enough evidence to try a person?

Usually police or another agency will conduct an investigation. They will present this information to the prosecutor who will review the facts. If the prosecutor feels there is sufficient probable cause, the complaint will be drafted as a warrant and presented to a judge. The judge will then read th (MORE)

What evidence is there that Einstein's theory of special relativity is correct?

Lots of evidence from different experiments. For example, people who work with particle accelerators have to take the theory of relativity into account on a daily basis, because at high speeds, mass of the particles increases, and their mean lifetime (if they are unstable) increases. You can get mor (MORE)

What is the evidence need when opening a bank account?

You need the following to open a bank account: . An Identity Proof - Passport or Driving License . Address Proof - Passport or Driving License or Phone Bill . Photograph - For the bank records . Proof of Employment - For the bank records to know more about you . An Introducer - This is usually (MORE)

Can a person be evidence of something?

Yes. A person can be proof of a disease that is catching. Proof of a blood type, genetics,DNA among other things all come from people and are considered evidence.

What evidence needed to prove forgery?

You could get a video proof, but as that can be proven wrong to be a fake in itself. You could also get records of your last checks or whatever it was that whomever is was who forged the item, and compare it in a court of law with the forged ones. Also, the not very probable to happen, but entirely (MORE)

What evidence is needed in small claims court that a person owes you money?

1. If the debt is based upon a promissory note, a copy of the promissory note is very helpful. This is especially true of you are seeking an amount of money in excess of the amount specified in the state's Statute of Frauds that requires such contracts to be in writing. 2. If your claim is based (MORE)

What evidence is needed to convict a person of theft?

Many things can be used as evidence. For example: eyewitness testimony - video recording - being caught with the stolen item in your possession - statements by other persons who accomnpanied you or have knowledge that you did it - etc.

What types of evidence does the prosecuter need to convict a person of attempted murder?

Evidence to convict a person or persons of attempted murder could include: A. The testimony of the person who survived the wounds created by a defendant in a hospital where the targeted person was treated. B. Doctors treating the intended victim can testify that the wounds would have been fatal (MORE)

What is special about Key Person Insurance?

Key person insurance is an important form of business insurance. In general, key person insurance can be described as an insurance policy that is taken out by a business to remunerate that business for financial losses.

Why might a person set up a special needs trust?

One reason a person might set up a special needs trust is to help provide for a special needs person without interfering with their receiving government benefits. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia.