What is Scarecrow Hill?

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What does the Scarecrow represent?

Those who find political meanings and symbolisms in The Wizard of Oz may see the Scarecrow as representative of the farmers.

What do scarecrows do?

Scarecrows are supposed to frighten birds such as crows away from farm crops and garden edibles. They're supposed to lead potential eaters of growing plants to believe that

What are scarecrows for?

Scarecrows are for scaring predators away from farm crops and garden edibles . They're supposed to give the impression of 24-7 monitoring of a cultivated area. Additionally,

Who is Scarecrow in 'Woman and Scarecrow'?

Marina Carr [b. 1964] is an Irish playwright who tends to write about the tragedies that work themselvees out in rural Irish homes. One such example is 'Woman and Scarecrow'.

What does scarecrow do on Batman?

scarecrow injects batman with fear gas, which cause him 3 nightmares. You try to aviod his gaze. It gets harder each time.

What is 'scarecrow' in Italian?

'Spaventapasseri' is an Italian equivalent of 'scarecrow'. The word 'spaventa' is a verb form of the infinitive 'spaventare' , which means 'to frighten, to scare'. The ma
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Is scarecrow effective?

i think its not effective because some birds just only sit there
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Why are scarecrows imporatant?

They scare away any birds that are trying to eat the seeds that are planted. Plus they look like humans, and birds are afriad of humans.
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Who killed scarecrow?

Scarecrow was thought to be killed by Killer Croc in Batman:Arkham Asylum in the main sewer system,but it is still unknown if the scarecrow is realy dead.