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What is a uncovertebral joint?

The uncovertebral joint is also known as the Luschka's joint. Theseare bone spurs that occur when the third through seventh cervicalvertebrae meet.

Uncovertebral joint spurring?

Uncovertebral joint spurring occurs from the body's response fordiminishing spinal stability. Conditions that cause this includesosteoarthritis and disc degeneration.

What is a uncovertebral joint osteophyte formation?

Uncovertebral joints, which are smaller joints out to the side where the vertebra normally approximate one other so they're further out laterally. This is a reasonably comple (MORE)

What does hypertrophic changes of joints of Luschka and zygapophyseal joints mean?

It can be hard to understand this medical language at times. Let's start as if you don't have a clue. The term hyper- means too much or above. So there is too much or an over- (MORE)