What is a Black-tie event?

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An event that requires formal attire. A tuxedo or black suit and tie for men and formal or cocktail dress for women
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What is a black tie event?

White bow ties are worn with morning coats of varying colors. Evening wear requires a black coat and black tie. A man's evening wear is meant to keep him from clashing with hi

Do women have to wear black to a black tie event?

No. While men wear tuxedos--well-dressed men wear a black bow tie--women have more latitude. However, black is a popular color for women's evening-wear, given its simplicit

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What should I wear to a Black tie optional event?

Maybe a Nice Shirt and Dark Jeans! Or maybe Shirt and Suit Trousers but just no Suit Jacket! I Suppose that's why its optional. From Rosiiekaii P.S call other pe

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Attire for women at a black tie event?

These dresses are very nice to wear to a blacktie event.Even a nice pantsuit or a nice blazer and slacks would be great! !!!!!!!!!

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