What is a Gerber baby picture with initials DHS worth Gerber Products CO1931?

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Who is the Gerber Baby?

Ann Turner became the Gerber Baby in 1928 after family friend,neighbor and artist, Dorothy Hope Smith, made a charcoal drawing of5 month old Ann. The little girl's father (car

Who is the original gerber baby?

The original Gerber Baby was Ann Turner Cook. Her face became usedin all logo drawings for the company and was eventuallytrademarked.

Who was the original Gerber baby?

The original Gerber baby was Ann Turner Cook. There was a rumor that the gerber baby was Humphrey Bogart was the Gerber baby but that was just a rumor. Ms Turner won a baby co

How old is the gerber baby?

Ann Turner first appeared on Gerber baby food jars in 1928, and her image is still being used today in over eighty countries.Her married name is Ann Turner Cook. She is a reti

What is Atlanta Novelty C's 374 Gerber baby worth?

On eBay in particular new ones in box especially from starting auction price of $19.95 to buy it now price of $150.00. Greber 17" baby with the rolling eyes are priced higher

How can i order the gerber baby food?

Hi. My name is Nasanbuyan. Im from mongolia. I really intrested to sell your baby food products in my country. i need more information about How can i be your sole agensy in m

How much is a black Gerber baby doll worth?

It really depends on year of production and condition. For example, a mint in box (never played with) Black Gerber Baby can net you $50 easily. Whereas a very good condition o
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What products does Gerber Gear sell?

Gerber Gear is a company that sells outdoor gear. Items sold include knives, tools and other essential outdoor survival tools. Their products are TSA compliant.