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What is a mute and how are they used on brass instruments and how does it affect the sound?

This question has many parts: What is a mute? A mute is a device that changes the sound of the instrument it is used on. It is not a device, necessarily, for making an instru (MORE)

How does temperature affect the pitch of brass instruments?

The resonant frequency produced by each pipe of a brass instrument or organ pipe depends on the speed of sound c divided by either 2 times the pipe length L (if it is open on (MORE)
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What instruments use a mute?

Many instruments use a mute. In the string section, mutes are used by violins, violas, and cellos. The mutes serve to make the notes more lyrical rather than softer; however, (MORE)

Mutes on brass instruments?

Mutes are actually NOT used to quiet the instrument. They change the tone of the sound. A straight mute will give an instrument a "tinny" sound, a cup mute will give it a "far (MORE)

Why is brass good to be used for instruments?

Weight, easier to work to gain shape, can be plated and or have a  protective coating to maintain the luster as brass when polished is  an impressive sight. Brass is easier (MORE)