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What is a mute used for in a brass instrument?

The basic use of the mute is to alter the sound coming from the instrument. "Straight mutes" are used for sections in music that require a more nasal sound, and can also be (MORE)

Mutes on brass instruments?

Mutes are actually NOT used to quiet the instrument. They change the tone of the sound. A straight mute will give an instrument a "tinny" sound, a cup mute will give it a "far (MORE)

What brass instruments use mutes?

The main brass instruments that use mutes are trumpets and trombones. Other brass instruments like the tuba are so big and the sound is so deep that they generally don't need (MORE)

How are mutes used on a brass instrument?

Mutes are an addition to the instrument, you put them in at the bell of the horn, the mute has special grips to keep the mute from falling out. There are many different types (MORE)

What is mute on brass instruments?

A mute is a device you put in the bell of a brass instrument to alter the sound of the instrument. There are many types of mute, and they are most commonly used in trumpets.
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What is a mute and how are they used on brass instruments and how does it affect the sound?

This question has many parts: What is a mute? A mute is a device that changes the sound of the instrument it is used on. It is not a device, necessarily, for making an instru (MORE)