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What is a basic property of the tiny particles that make up matter?

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What are the tiny particles that make up all matter?

Atoms True atoms make up all matter, but quarks make up all atoms. So fundamentally quarks make up all matter. Atoms _______________________________________________________

Tiny particles in motion make up all matter?

All matter is made up of 'atoms', which are generally treated as tiny particles, although they have been shown to also have the properties of waves (just like light has both p

What tiny particles make up matter?

To severely oversimplify it but remain accurate: quarks, leptons, intermediate vector bosons, and neutrinos. Every type of fundamental particle belongs to one of these categor

Is matter made up of tiny particles?

yes Leptons and quarks, to be exact. String theory does state that what we perceive as particles are actually vibrating strings, but the idea remains the same.

What are tiny particles in motion that make up all matter?

The tiny particles that make up all matter are, as best we can tell: Quarks - up,down,strange,charm,top,bottom and anti flavours Leptons - ti, muon and electron, correspon

What are the basic particles that make up matter?

The smallest, most basic particles that still have the characteristics of the individual elements (oxygen, gold, carbon, uranium, potassium and many others) are called atoms.