What is a bay shaw used in ambulance transport?

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Why do some police forces use ambulances but not fire trucks?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThey will USE whatever they have to. Why would they want to use a fire truck?\n. \n. \ncorrect answer\nvehicles used all depends on the structure of the department\npolice departments have emt and paramedics\nso do fire dept\nbut police and fire fighters have compl ( Full Answer )

Why did the US invade the bay of pigs?

The US invaded the Bay of Pigs because they wanted to provoke an uprising against Castro. Their invaders were Cubans who had become American citizens, so it would look like Cubans were having a rebellion against their own government, and that the US wasn't involved.

How did the US get Guantanamo Bay?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe US first seized Guantanamo Bay and established a naval base there in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. In 1903, the US and Cuba signed a lease granting the US permission to use the land as a coaling and naval station. The lease satisfied the Platt Amendment; this a ( Full Answer )

Who decide if a patient is bed confined and need ambulance transportation?

I assume by the way the question is asked that it references "need" for ambulance transportation in the sense that a medical insurer would define it. That being the case, the insurer themselves sets the standard for what criteria must be met before a patient is deemed to "need" ambulance transportat ( Full Answer )

Is the pirate bay safe to use?

(ANSWER) Pirate Bay is a "search" engine or "directory" for torrent file's. The site itself cannot be renounced as safe though as it hosts a list of third party viruses and deadly pop ups. Then with that comes the viruses and trojans of torrents. You never can be quite sure whether a torrent is s ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest bay in the US?

The Chesapeake Bay it's surrounded by Maryland and Virginia. Length . 200 mi (322 km). Width . 30 mi (48 km). Depth . 46 ft (14 m). Basin . 64,299 sq mi (166,534 km 2 ). Area . 4,479 sq mi (11,601 km 2 ).

Is the spouse of a man who was transported to the hospital in an abulance and died six days later in Pennsylvania responsible for the ambulance charges?

The estate of the patient is responsible for the bill. In the absence of payment by the estate, most states allow the bill to be passed to a current spouse or nearest relative.. If it wasn't the ambulance's fault the patient passed at the hospital, don't you think they deserve the payment? If it's ( Full Answer )

What aircraft is used by the air ambulance service?

Jet-wise, LeerJets are the most popular among air ambulances. Although the LeerJet has long stopped production and was replaced by the BeechJet, Leer's have a larger passenger door allowing enough room for the onboard gurneys to be removed without taking the patient off the cot. Beech and newer airc ( Full Answer )

While transporting a car crash victim in an ambulance do the sirens and lights have to be on?

Depends on patient condition. If there is an immediate threat to life or limb, then the lights and siren should be used. Otherwise, they shouldn't. They come with an inherent risk of distracting other drivers and possibly causing accidents, and in today's "I'm the most important person in the world" ( Full Answer )

Do ambulances transport dead people?

Sometimes, however in most circumstances the Casualty has died onroute to Hospital. This depends on whether the deceased was alive when they wereloaded into the ambulance. If a patient has been pronounced dead atthe scene, then the ambulance doesn't transport. In rural settingssome exceptions can be ( Full Answer )

Busiest ambulance in the US?

Brentwood NY does over 6000 ems calls every year which is busier then the busiest city station. 1- Philidelphia PA 9,011 events M8 2- Baltimore City MD 8,063 events M7 3- Chicago IL 7,931 events A10 Yet I am not sure the shifts that number one and two work, but Chicago Medics are on 24 ( Full Answer )

Why use transportation?

Transportation is essential for most people as most tasks would not be able to be completed. E.G If you got to work and its very far away a car or bus can help you get there faster. . Hope this helps!

What brand of clarinet did Artie Shaw use?

Artie Shaw played a Conn clarinet. His clarinet is now in the Smithsonian storage facility. Unfortunately, Conn is no longer an independent entity. It was acquired by Selmer, another company most commonly associated with Benny Goodman.

What type of maps do ambulance drivers use?

i don't know about other parts of the country but in Arkansas we have a advanced 911 system that the dispatcher can tell them where the place or road is within 100yards

JUTA transportation from montego bay airport to negril?

JUTA Vans and busses make the trip from Sangster International to the resort area of Negril. A space on a van or a bus will set you back 20 dollars USD and is well worth it. The Driver will set you down at your hotel. There is a JUTA table where you can buy a ticket in the transportation court but o ( Full Answer )

Why dont ambulances usually transport dead people?

\nThey don't transport dead people because they need the ambulances for people who are still living and have a chance to survive. If u transported someone who was already dead it could kill another person at the same time.

How do you use the word ambulance in a santence?

don't you mean sentence could say The woman had got in a car accident and the ambulance took her to the Doctor.a ambulance is a truck that takes people that are injured or hurt to the doctor

Is it legal to pass a patient transporting ambulance?

This depends on if the emergency signal lights are activated. Itshould be noted that even with emergency lights and sirensactivated, ambulances are not allowed to exceed the speed limits.That said, if the ambulance has a patient in it, but the lights andsirens are not activated, a regular motorist c ( Full Answer )

Is guantanamo bay a us territory?

The U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay is both the oldest U.S. overseas base and the only one to be located within a Communist country. It is not considered an official territory, overseen by the Department of the Interior, but is, instead, overseen by the U.S. Navy. The history of "GITMO" begins in ( Full Answer )

What is used in active transport but not passive transport?

During passive transport, particles are transported from areas of high concentration to low concentration. Of course, this does not require any ENERGY. Thus, during active transport, particles are transported from low to high concentration, going against the concentration gradient (the difference in ( Full Answer )

Use bathe and bay in a sentence?

"Celindine was filthy and covered in dirt, so she decided to go bathe in the nearby bay to get clean."

Should you use an ice pack on a head injury while waiting for an ambulance?

It nevers hurts to use an ice pack on any injury really. Especially head injuries since they tend to bleed a lot and hurt the most with the most vital organ in the body just on the other side of the skull. If it is bleeding then put dressings on it. if the blood soaks through then keep putting new o ( Full Answer )

What is the use of bay in substations?

bays means how many accessories are connected with bus bar for example 28 bays mean 6GTs, 5 STs, 2 bypass,one bus coupler and 15 feeders et c.

What kind of guitar does Tommy Shaw use?

Its a Kramer copy of a Gibson Explorer. The actual guitar was made by Hamer. It was a copy of a Gibson explorer. One of Tommy Shaws favorite guitars is a Gibson Explorer. I don't think he brings it on the road with him.

What is air transportation used to transport?

For rapid delivery over long distances, air transportation is a logical but more costly choice. Larger products and large quantities of a product are moved by cargo planes while smaller parcels are carried on many types of planes

What is the use of a ambulance?

That depends on what type of ambulance you are talking about. Emergency Ambulance: most common type which provide care to people with an illness or injury. It can be road-going van, boat, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft also known as air ambulance. Patient transport ambulance: a vehicle in which ( Full Answer )

How do you use ambulant in a sentence?

Well, you know that "ambulant" means to walk. Ambulant in another format. Medically related (E.G. "...his flow is quite unfair tothe service and Sir E. Phipps rightly complained of these ambulant amateurs.")

Why do handicap vans require the engine to run when lifting wheelchairs and is there a CO danger when in ambulance bay?

The wheelchair lift is linked to the van computer, which prevents the lift from going when the van transmission is not in park. Likely the engine must be running so the computer is on and can detect this. This is just a technical reason, not a justification of the design. Obviously it is just wrong ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word ambulance in a sentence with dialog?

To create dialogue, you must use quote marks around the part that is spoken. "Call an ambulance!" the woman yelled. I asked, "Is the ambulance on the way?" "I called an ambulance," the son told his ill mother.

Why is a crescent symbol used on an ambulance?

The International Red Cross has alternative symbols including theRed Crescent and the Red Crystal. The crescent symbol was adoptedduring the Turkish-Russo War (1876-1878) because the Cross was seemas objectionable to Muslims, due to its association with theChristian Crusades. The Red Crystal was ado ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )

Where in the US is the Bay CA located?

There is no place called The Bay, California. There is a town called Discovery Bay in California. It is located about 60 miles (97 km) from San Francisco.

When is the Air Ambulance company used?

The Air Ambulance company is used for many situations. The Air Ambulance company is used for emergency medical related purposes and non-emergency related purposes.

What are some uses for a bay leaf?

A bay leaf can be used in many different recipes. A bay leaf is from the laurel bush and is very flavorful in stews as well as soups and many other food dishes.

Where can a used ambulance be bought?

A used ambulance may be purchased from the site "Ambulance Trader". They actually sell ambulances as well as other EMS vehicles and supplies. Another site to buy them is "Used Ambulance".