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What is a blaze for horses?

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A blaze is a strip of white running down from the forehead, in between the eyes, and down to the nose.

How do you get blaze?

In Sonic Rush... it's easy just deafeat the zone 1 boss then Blaze the cat is now playable.

What is Blaze?

Is to smoke weed and it a slang or informal. It is so in high school the teachers don't understand what type of blaze it is. So it can trick the teacher. It can not not make y

What is the value of Blaze the Rocking Horse?

An original, good condition Blaze, made in the 1960's sells for around $200 US. This is the current price being asked by a couple of commercial vintage toy sites.

What is blazed?

blazed is when your real stoned from smoking weed
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What does to blaze or not to blaze mean?

to smoke weed, or to not smoke weed "blazing it" usually refers to smoking marijuana,cannibus,pot,buda,reefer...and any other of the hundred names it has -answered by: JesseR