What is a bug bomb?

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A bug bomb is usually a can of pesticides in a type of aerosol can. How it works is you set it in the center of the room, turn it on, leave the room for a few hours and the pesticide fills the air. The can will have exact directions and how long to stay out of the room. They are inconvenient because you have to remove clothing or any other items that will be frequently handled, and it's recommended you cover all furniture. It also doesn't always reach insects that might be deep within walls. But it's easier and faster than other methods, and cheaper than an exterminator.
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How can bug-bombs harm you?

If the bug bombs are used in a home where there are people living there that have a tendancy to wheezing, if they breathe it in, it can get inside their lungs and have serious

Does a bug bomb kill lice?

Well.... a bug bomb does have pesticides, i suppose if you really wanted to be idiotic enough to set off a bug bomb by your head and get sick and possibly die, yea its worth a

Do bug bombs get rid of lice?

No, while the pesticide in the bug bomb will kill lice any thathave fallen off the body or been combed out of the hair will die ina few days anyway from starvation as they can

Will bug bombs kill cats?

Bug bombs can be fatal for any animal that is in the house at timethat it is set off or airing out. Please remove all animals andproperly clean the home before letting them ba

Do spray bombs for bed bugs?

Don't! It's the worst thing you can do!! I have these things in my apartment and I am just getting professional treatment now. It takes 40 days because I have to be the bait,

Do bug bombs harm clothes?

No, but they could pick up an odor and i would avoid placement around silks, furs, or expensive garments that need dry cleaning. On a side note though, I advise against fogger
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Can you buy bug bombs in Ireland?

I advise against it, foggers are expensive and usually don't solve the problem because concentration is not enough to get 100% and there is no residual killing effect.
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Can bug bombs kill bed bugs?

Bombs (foggers) are NOT a solution for bed bugs. A recent research study showed three over-the-counter foggers labeled as bed bug products were not effective against bed bugs.
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Will bombs kill bed bugs?

Some but not all. It has to be really concentrated since they arehardy and they can smell it coming so before it gets to that point,many will go into walls away from most of i