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What is Baby Moses Syndrome?

Answer . I found this:. ". The Moses syndrome should not be confused with the baby Moses syndrome (the hope-in-a-basket fallacy), a kind of defense mechanism whereby one deceives oneself into inaction by the wishful thought that somebody else will eventually come along to solve your pro ( Full Answer )

How does FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME affect the baby?

Heart defects . Slow physical growth before and after birth . Vision difficulties and hearing problems. . Microcephaly (Small head circumference and brain size) . Mental retardation . Abnormal behavior, such as short attention span, hyperactivity and extreme nervousness and anxiety. . Low musc ( Full Answer )

Is there a cure for the Harlequin Baby Syndrome?

Most infants die within a short time due to skin infections. The modern science has found ways to grow the harlequin child's regullary, so some are in the adult age. There is no cure for the disease, but the effects will start getting weaker in old age.

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

"shaken baby syndrome" is when a baby is shaken in a violent motion that causes death or serious injury to the brain. Typically a child will have retinal bleeding, brain bleeding and brain swelling (which typically does the most damage).

Have a baby who has a tuner syndrome any treatment?

If you are asking can a baby who has Turner Syndrome get any treatment then the answer is no. BUT, you can help the baby get better though there is no cure. If done early enough (if she's a baby then yes) she can get growth hormones. When shes 12-13 she can get an estroen replacement.

Is Bobbi Kristina a crack baby?

She might be do to her fall twice after hearing that her mother had died she didn't want to the media or public about her condition..She 19 her choice is coke

What is blue baby syndrome?

What is blue baby syndrome?. This is something caused by water pollution causing a pregnant womens baby suffercate before its born.

How can you tell if you will have a baby with Down syndrome?

Well, first, if your already pregnant, you can get a test and they will be able to tell you if you have a child with Down Syndrome or not. But, if you just gave birth to the baby, the doctors would do some tests on the baby that could take several tests, but, you could tell just by looking at your c ( Full Answer )

What are crack babies?

Crack babies are children born to mothers who used crack cocaine during pregnancy.. These children are thought to have impairments in their learning and cognitive abilities, but the scientific data is not conclusive.

Shaken baby syndrome?

Pretty self explanatory, "shaken baby syndrome" is when a child is shaken in a violent motion that causes death or serious injury to the brain. Typically a child will have retinal bleeding, brain bleeding and brain swelling (which typically does the most damage).

When can a baby develop Down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is present at birth, since it is the result of a genetic condition. It is merely a matter of your doctors recognizing it. In some children it is harder to recognize than in others.. Ask you doctor if you think it might be present.

Can males with Klinefelter's syndrome have babies?

No. The main effects of klinefelter syndrome are development of small testicles, small penises, lower testosterone levels and reduced fertility . While that is true, there have been extreme advance in the use of fertility methods and while it isn't going to be 100% effective there is a higher chan ( Full Answer )

Where can you see photos of babies with Down syndrome?

There are many links to Down Syndrome organizations on the Internet. A couple of links are provided below with pictures that were found that way using a search for "babies with Down Syndrome" in a search engine.

What to do for a cracked baby tooth?

Always call your dentist and make an appointment to have the tooth or teeth checked out. Even if a chip seems minor, there may be additional cracking that needs to be repaired. . There are 4 kinds of tooth fractures: 1) chips to the outer enamel layer only 2) fracture to the dentin layer 3) fra ( Full Answer )

What syndrome causes your knees to constantly crack?

I'm not a doctor, but both my knees crack constantly as long as I can remember. I was told many years ago that I had bilateral plica syndrome. If you look that up, it does mention clicking of the knee as a symptom.

How can Shaken Baby Syndrome be prevented?

Better observation of the parents prebirth and post birth. Better observation of how they interact with each other before the baby arrives. A clear understanding of the metal ability of both parents to cope with stress and daily challenges the couple face before the baby arrives will provide a good ( Full Answer )

What extra chromosome does a Down syndrome baby have?

A baby will have an extra 21st chromosome on each strain of theirDNA. This means on each DNA set there are three of 21 instead oftwo, which is why Down Syndrome is also referred to as Trisonomy21.

How do you identify that your baby has Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Babies with Shaken Baby syndrome often die from their injuries and it is a very serious medical condition. However, physicians can tell if a baby has been shaken - often from brain contusions or concussions, internal brain bleeding (hemorrhages), retinal hemorrhages (bleeding of the eyes). It is abs ( Full Answer )

Can two people who have Down syndrome have a baby?

Yes, however there are risks involved. First of all, most males with Down's Syndrome tend to be infertile, or have a sperm-count so low they cannot effectively reproduce. If they do manage to reproduce, there are many issues that can arise due to the production of gametes (sex cells) during meiosis. ( Full Answer )

If you smoke can your baby be a crack baby?

not if its in the womb but when its born and you smoke then there is a high possibility of the baby becoming a crack baby. if you are pregnant and smoke crack then yes your baby can be born a crack baby and that is not good for your baby so don't smoke

Will two people with Down syndrome have a Down syndrome baby?

It is very unlikely that two people with Down Syndrome are able to conceive. Most males with Down Syndrome are infertile, with only 3 recorded instances of a down syndrome father being able to conceive. Most females with Down Syndrome have both conception and birthing problems, leading to a hig ( Full Answer )

Does Mario Lopez's baby have Down syndrome?

I'm not sure, but as a parent with a special needs child if she does have DS it's not anything I would hide. I would show her off to the world and be one happy camper about the blessing God has trusted them with.

How is Shaken baby syndrome prevented?

Shaken baby syndrome is preventable with public education. Adults must be actively taught that shaking a child is never acceptable and can cause severe injury or death.

What causes the damage in shaken baby syndrome?

The cause of the brain, neck, and spine damage that can result from shaken baby syndrome is brute force. The violent shaking of a baby by a much stronger adult conveys a tremendous amount of energy to the infant.

How does shaken baby syndrome affect the eyes?

The eyes can also be damaged by the explosive energy of shaking. Retinal damage occur in 50-80% of cases. The damage can be so severe as to permanently blind an infant.

What are other names for shaken baby syndrome?

Shaken baby syndrome is also known as abusive head trauma, shaken brain trauma, pediatric traumatic brain injury , whiplash shaken infant syndrome, and shaken impact syndrome.

What is the treatment for shaken baby syndrome?

Initially, treatment is provided on an emergency basis. Life-saving measures can include stopping internal bleeding in the brain and relieving pressure that can build up in the brain because of bleeding and swelling of the brain.

What is the prognosis for children with shaken baby syndrome?

The prognosis for children with shaken baby syndrome is usually poor. Twenty percent of cases result in death within the first few days. If an infant survives, he or she will most often be left with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What symptoms would a baby have if it has down syndrome?

i would like to answer this as per my knowledge and the only thing that i remember is the person having downs syndrome the eyes will be similar to that of mongol es and there forehead will be large

Did Michelle Duggar have a down syndrome baby?

No. All 19 of Michelle Duggar's children are perfectly healthy, without any lasting medical conditions. Even Josie, who was born 3 and a half months premature, is thriving and has no medical problems (aside from her lactose intolerance.)

What happened before Shaken baby syndrome?

Physicians earlier labeled these injuries as accidental, but as more about child abuse became known, more cases of this syndrome were properly diagnosed

Can down syndrome be inherited from the father of the baby?

Down syndrome is not technically inherited. It is a genetic oops caused by an egg or a sperm having two 21st chromosomes, each egg/sperm is only supposed to have 1 copy of each chromosome so that when the two combine the child gets two of each chromosome.

How does a doctor knowo if a baby has downs syndrome?

Thy draw a vial of the babys blood and send it to a lab which does a test called a karyotype. If there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, they have Down syndrome. If there are only 2, they do not. A doctor knows to order that test due to physical features of the baby, namely a small stature, mi ( Full Answer )

Can blacks have down syndrome babies?

No they have a specific gene that gives them immunity to this. It is now being reasearched also Asians have a very low rate of this occurence.

How common is Down Syndrome in babies?

Down Syndrome is relatively common in babies. Research shows that approximately 1 in 830 newborns are affected. It is one of the most common birth defects.

What do you do if you have a cracked baby tooth and its sore?

The best thing you can do is to go and see your dentist. Otherwise, depending on how it is cracked, it could become infected. You can also take some over the counter pain medication so that you feel better until you can see your dentist.