What is a cublike class of minerals?

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What mineral class does NaCl belong to?

NaCl is otherwise known as the compound sodium chloride. It is classified as a halite (in the Halide group), which is sodium chloride (or rock salt) in mineral form.

What is the class of wad mineral?

its part of the oxides. Wad is not a mineral, its a term applied to materials that include substantial amount of manganese oxide and hydroxide minerals
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What is the mineral class of a diamond?

A diamond is carbon. Apparently, the carbon group which includes diamonds is a subclass: native non-metals and semi-metals. You can see all mineral classes, below.

What mineral class is fluoride in?

Many fluoride minerals are known, but of paramount commercial importance are fluorite and fluorapatite. Fluoride is the anion F−, the reduced form of fluorine when as an