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What is a good town name for animal crossing?

Aimwell Bobo Burnt Corn Eclectic Intercourse Muck City Alaska Chicken Deadhorse Eek Lefthand Bay Nightmute Unalaska Arizona Bagdad Boneyard Boo

What is a good Animal Crossing town name?

waterloo, kingvill, kingdom,or the name of the place you live Or Zooville/Zooland etc (xxMuffin) - My animal crossing town is called Utopia. Other town names I've had ar

What is a good name for a fairy town?

Fairy ville, Wingsville, Powderville, Dust, Powderdust, Fairyland, FantasticFairyWorld, TinkerbellLand, Fairyworld, Glimmer And shimmer, Shine, Its all up to you!

What are good character names for a cell?

You need to invent your own names - writers who copy ideas from other people end up in trouble for plagiarism! If you copy someone's names or ideas, then when you publish your