What is a good song on kindness for 5th grader to sing?

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What is a good report for a 5th grader?

It's kind of long but to impress you teacher you should do: Helen Keller ,Ann -Franklin ,or about the Holocaust. . Tip: And these books help you a lot in history!

What kind of songs does thalia sing?

Mostly Latin Pop music, but over her 20 years as a solo artist she has flirted with almost every genre available, including rock, pop, dance, hip hop, banda, cumbia, norteñ

Good songs to sing for an audition?

Pick a song that will show off your voice. It depends on what type of voice you have but; Bound to you: Christina Aguilera Missing you: First Lady Jar of hearts: Chris

What kind of songs did troubadours sing?

The real troubadours (not those invented in 19th century imaginations) were educated French noblemen, knights, princes, as well as the sons of shopkeepers and tradesmen. Th
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What kinds of songs does Vigen sing?

Vigen is a Persian born singer and is incredibly well known in Iran as a pop singer. With 2 nicknames - The Sultan of Pop and The Sultan of Persian Jazz it seems he is known f