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What is a good song on kindness for 5th grader to sing?

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Good songs to sing?

The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup I'm The Scatman by Scatman John the song your not funny by the band funny your not

What is a good report for a 5th grader?

  It's kind of long but to impress you teacher you should do: Helen Keller ,Ann -Franklin ,or about the Holocaust.   Tip: And these books help you a lot in history!

Good song to sing?

it depends on what type of song u want 2 sing and what the occasion is 1) for a light indie song sing the zephyr song by the red hot chili peppers 2) if u want a pop song do s

What kind of songs does thalia sing?

Mostly Latin Pop music, but over her 20 years as a solo artist she has flirted with almost every genre available, including rock, pop, dance, hip hop, banda, cumbia, norteño,

Good songs to sing for an audition?

Pick a song that will show off your voice. It depends on what type of voice you have but; Bound to you: Christina Aguilera Missing you: First Lady Jar of hearts: Chris
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What are good songs to sing for girls?

It all depends on the person. It depends on their pitch, volume, and range. If you have a low voice but can hit the high notes, your like adele, so her songs would be best.