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Why are slow people called slothful?

The word sloth means slowness, laziness, or indolence. The name sloth for the "lazy" animal comes from the word, not the other way around. Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sin (MORE)
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What is the collective noun for a group of sloths?

Perhaps because sloths are solitary creatures, they don't form groups. But they must mate and nurture their young, a pair of sloths will work. However there have been many di (MORE)

Why are bed bugs called bed bugs?

Some people believe that bed bugs have their unusual name because they are mostly found in beds of humans that are sleeping through the night. they are bugs that live on your (MORE)

What is a sloth?

The sloth is a medium-sized mammal, having at least six living  species, and they live in the trees in the rainforests of Central  and South America. Sloths are omnivores - (MORE)