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Why are sloths called sloths?

  The common name of "sloth" is derived from the Old English word meaning "lazy" and "sluggish". Although this term may be misleading when applied to a sloth, one cannot d (MORE)
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Does a sloth live on its own or in a group?

Sloths are solitary animals. They live in the trees, and only come down to the ground once a week to poop! They move extremely slowly, which is why the word "sloth" is used to (MORE)

Why are lazy people called slothful?

The word sloth comes from the word slow, and means laziness or indolence. The word was used as a name for the animal (e.g. tree sloth, three-toed sloth) due to their slow move (MORE)
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What is the collective noun for a group of sloths?

Perhaps because sloths are solitary creatures, they don't form groups. But they must mate and nurture their young, a pair of sloths will work. However there have been many di (MORE)
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What food group does a sloth belong to?

Sloths are animals taht are not usually prepared as food. However  when it is, it is considered a protein with meats, fish, poultry,  beans, nuts and eggs.
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