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What is a high nest?

The nest of a bird, such as an eagle built on a cliff is called an aerie. Aerie or eyrie is the answer to the crossword puzzle.

What is a high fence?

\nI am not sure exacty what you are asking but it may be short for highway fence.

What is a high priest?

The high priest was in charge of running the Temple and at one point was the co-head of the sanhedrin.

What is a high moral?

Morale is being happy, so high morale is being very happy. Morale was used in ww1 & ww2 with soldiers.

What is a high tableland?

It is also known as a mesa, or high hilly/mountainous structure with a plateau (or table) on top.

What is a high court?

A high court usually has jurisdiction over many lower courts. Whenan appeal is made, it is made to a high or higher court.

What is a high RAM?

RAM or Random Access Memory is the basic memory used by a PC to function. Any program, service or function that is run by you or the system itself is loaded in here because th
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What is a high spot?

High spot-- An area of a tooth or restoration that feels abnormal or uncomfortable because it hits its opposing tooth before other teeth meet.