What is a male ballerina called?

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A danseur or a dancer. *Because you said "Ballerina" that means the top ballet dancer in a company. There can only be one Ballerina in a company. The male counterpart would be called a Danseur Nobel. Other male dancers would be called Danseurs, or by their rank such as Principal, Soloist or Corps de ballet or just ballet dancer. The same goes for the other women in the company. They would be just called ballet dancers or by their rank. Never a Ballerina.
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Who is the ballerina painter?

Edgar Degas. To be honest, there is quite a lot of them, but he is probably the most famous.

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What are facts about ballerinas?

1) a ballerina is the name given to the princable ballet dancer in the company only. some or given the title of soloist and all the others are just ballet dancers.2) ballet or… Continue reading