What is a metaphor for the angry princess is?

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Is a metaphor an exaggeration?

In general a metaphor is just a way to think about a subject from a different angle, or to find a vivid way of expressing some idea, however, metaphor is often an exaggeration (MORE)

What is a princess?

a princess is a girl who is a person of royalty and is respectful. She is kind, giving and caring to her family and relitives.  A princess is the daughter of royalty (a king (MORE)

Why do we get angry?

we get angry because our emotions get confused and we start feeling sad and tired and lots of other emotions which make us do things we don't mean t and that is how we our ang (MORE)

Dragging it Out: Using Extended Metaphors

The artistic style of musicians, authors, and poets often focus on using similes and metaphors to bring their works of art to life for their audiences. From Shakespeare to Rob (MORE)

Advanced Writing: Extended Metaphor

Extended metaphors are literary devices that are utilized to effectively carry forth a defined metaphor.Essentially, this device helps to enhance the metaphor and prolong it f (MORE)

5 Important Bible Passages About Anger

Christians are called to live a life of peace. That doesn't mean that a Christian can't ever get angry. In fact, there are instances in the Bible in which the writers of the b (MORE)

The Most Common Causes for Suddenly Angry Teenagers

If you are the parent of a teenager, you almost certainly encounter this scenario from time to time. Everything is going peacefully, and suddenly your teen manifests extreme a (MORE)

Learning the Language of Love

It is common for people to misconstrue the differences between a metaphor and a simile. Unfortunately, the two are extremely similar and can be used almost interchangeably in (MORE)

And Carry the One- Using Extended Metaphors

Many everyday conversations include the use of comparisons as a description to accurately convey a thought or concept, explain a topic, or describe a noun or verb. These compa (MORE)

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What is a metaphor?

Metaphors are comparisons between two dissimilar  things. The use of a metaphor is a way to describe something.  Authors use them to make their writing more interesting or  (MORE)

What does metaphoric mean?

The term "metaphoric" means done in the manner of a "metaphor", which is the direct comparison of two different things as being similar.   Simile and Metaphor   A "sim (MORE)

What metaphors are in The Mist?

First the supermarket is a metaphor to the daily life we live.We have food and people around us and we are in familiar territory.And we are afraid of the unknown,The Mist outs (MORE)