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What is the training for navy uav operators?

UAV operators in the United States Navy (USN) are drawn from two  different training pools. The soon to be fielded X47 carrier  launched drones utilize test pilots who have

Us navy operated in latin America from 1890-1940?

In the 1890s, the United States Navy were involved in Argentina,  Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, Columbia and Cuba. From 1900 until 1940,  the Navy was in Columbia, Honduras, the

What year did the Navy accept its first operational submarine?

The U.S. Navy's first real operational and commissioned submarine was the USS Holland (SS-1), launched on May 17, 1897, and commissioned October 12, 1900. It was designed an b

What was us navy operation dufflebag?

Don't know about the WW2 Operation Dufflebag. Could you possibly mean the one that we ran in Vietnam? In 1970, the USASF A432 Thuong Thoi detachment (among others) guided US

Is Navy EOD special operations?

Navy EOD has been under the Special Operations umbrella for years and has recently moved under NECC, Navy EOD are the only trained and capable special operations bomb techs
In Mexico

How many boats are operated by the Mexican Navy?

The approximate inventory is as follows: . 2 destroyers . 6 frigates . 5 amphibious ships . 2 missile boats . 32 offshore patrol vessels . 30 coastal patrol ships .