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1(one) is a number. It represents a single entity.
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What is a one night stand?

It is basically having sexual intercourse with another person for the night. With nothing expected afterward no relationship or anything. Just one night

What is a one cent stamp worth?

Usually a few cents to a few dollars. There are a number of one cent stamps, and they will vary in value depending on which one they are and in what condition they appear. Che

What is a one L?

Law school is a three year curriculum. A first year law student is a 'one L'. A second year law student is a 'two L', while a third year law student is a 'three L'. The L stan

What is a one in ten?

a one in ten is a ten percent chance out of one hundred so im very confused as to why its in the health section. thanx and i hope i helped...x

What is a one masted sailing vessel?

a "one masted vessel" is a boat with a single mast, or a large metal/aluminum piece standing vertically in the boat. the mast always holds the main sail of the boat there
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What is a one perspective?

meaning there is only one perspective (person's view of things) in that book,movie,show,artical ect...

What is a one dimensional?

it's quite literal it has only one dimension or you can only mesure it in one direction so basicallya line that has only length no width a square therefore is two dimensional