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What is a personification poem?

A personification poem means that the poem is about an object that  is being described as a person. For example, 'The flowers were  dancing in the light wind,' clearly every

Personification in The Hobbit?

"It burned with a rage that made it gleam if goblins were about; now it was bright as blue flame for delight in the killing of the great lord of the cave" | Page 65 / "The nex

What is personification?

Personification is when you describe an object as a person. Personification is when you give human qualities or abilities to anobject or animal. eg The moon smiled through th

How is personification used?

Personification is used by giving a non- human object or creature a human characteristic.

What is an example of an personification?

Headlights stared, the darkness wrapped his hands around the city, the sea sang her calm tune, the rocks standed still while the waves were hitting them, it can be anythin