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What is a process of a population's shifting from farms to cities?

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How is farming an auto-catalytic process?

  Acording to the book 'Guns, Germs, and Steel' by Jared Diamond; Farming is considered an auto-catalytic process because it creates a positive FEEDback cycle (no pun in

What is shifting farming?

A method in which farmers move every one to three years to find better soil.

What is The difference between farms and cities?

The difference between farms and cities is simple. FARMS: ~ Have really big animals ~ more space ~ lots of privacy ~ Loud vehicles with no complaints ~ partiees with no cops ~

What is the fertilization process for farm chicken eggs?

A rooster mates with the hen. They have intercourse. The rooster's penis enters the hen's vagina and deposits sperm. Just like humans, the sperm fertilizes the egg.

What are the basic processes of farming?

Plants. You cannot grow food or even raise livestock without any plant life. A very basic list of the processes are: Soil preparationPlantingIrrigation (where necessary)Pest