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What is a scalar apex?

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What is a scalar measurement?

A scalar measurement is one that requires only one number. For example, my mass is 82 kg. BUT some measurements require more than one number to specify. For example, a force o

What are scalars?

  A measurement without direction, meaning that it is only a magnitude (as opposed to vector which has magnitude and direction). E.g, a speed of 5km/h is a scalar while a

What is a scalar?

A P E X A quantity that does not indicate direction.

What is scalar?

which is compaletly describe by there magnitude onlyare called scaler.e.g speed ,time, work distance ,mass

What is scalar energy?

Scalar Energy is an esoteric synonym for Static Electricity, which was the kind of electricity most familiar before Batteries, Power Plants, Electric Lamps, and is general

What is scalar gradient?

maximum value of a function along normal is called gradient. maximum rate of increase of s in magnitude and direction of the point a is called gradient of a scalar

Is energy scalar?

yes and more! Energy is a four dimensional quantity, a Quaternion consisting of part scalar and part v ector. Energy is "defined by scientists' as scalar, but torque is also

What is scalares?

I'm not sure about math or physics definitions but scalares are a type of fish. Angelfish are scalares

What is scalar quanity?

Physical quantity which has only magnitude is called scalar quantity. Examples: time, mass, work, energy, electric current, power, electric charge, magnetic pole strength
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What is a scalar magnitude?

Magnitude means size. The magnitude of 8 is greater than the magnitude of 4. The magnitude of 1023209138109283 is greater than the magnitude of 12. =)) .... enjoyy... =D

What is the apex?

Apex means the highest point, or the top. An Apex predator is ananimal who hunts other animals, but nothing hunts him because he isat the top of the chain. An apex is the hig
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Why area is scalar?

Scalar quantities are described by a number alone, while vector quantities require a number and a direction, and as area cannot have an associated direction, must be scalar.
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How vector is scalar?

Vector is NOT a scalar. The two (vector and scalar) are different things. A vector is a quantity (measurement) in which a direction is important. A scalar is a quantity in whi
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What is scalar quanty?

A scalar is a quantity that has no direction. Examples include: -- cost -- temperature -- speed -- energy -- work -- mass -- weight -- volume -- density -- duration