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What is a scalar apex?

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What is scalar principle?

  Classical-management rule that subordinates at every level should follow the chain of command, and communicate with their seniors only through the immediate or intermedi

Why is speed a scalar?

because it has a magnitude but no direction, whereas vector quantities have a magnitude and a direction.

What is scalar energy?

Scalar Energy is an esoteric synonym for Static Electricity, which was the kind of electricity most familiar before Batteries, Power Plants, Electric Lamps, and is general

What are vectors and scalars?

Scalars have magnitude only. They are specified by a number with a unit and obey the rules of arithmetic and ordinary algebra. Vectors have both magnitude and direction and ob

What is a scalar triangle?

A triangle whose all the three sides are of different measurements is called a scalene triangle.

What is a scalar-energy?

Scalar energy is described to have zero frequencies, to be static, a stationary energy which therefore cannot be evaluated by our current frequency instruments. Improved: Scal

What is a scalar?

A P E X A quantity that does not indicate direction.

What is scalar?

which is compaletly describe by there magnitude onlyare called scaler.e.g speed ,time, work distance ,mass

What is not a scalar quantity?

A scalar quantity does not contain direction information. A vector quantity does contain direction information. Speed is scalar quantity. For example, a car is travelling at

What is the apex?

Apex means the highest point, or the top. An Apex predator is ananimal who hunts other animals, but nothing hunts him because he isat the top of the chain. An apex is the hig

What is a scalar in physics?

A scalar is a single force or quantity that is independent of other forces, such as speed. Speed can be 45 m/s or 60 mph. A vector is something that involves two forces, such

Why is current scalar?

  Current is not scalar. Current is a vector quantity. For simplicity, in electric circuits, current is scalar because the direction is assumed to be one way or another, r