What are the features of christian worship service?

This depends on the denomination, but most worship services will include the following: *Prayers lead by the pastor/church leader or a member of the congregation *Singing (MORE)

What is the meaning of Christian candlelight service?

Jesus Christ son of Nazareth who was born as son of God the Father while at whole world is in darkness. which is to understood as spiritual darkness, a god incarnation in fles (MORE)

What can you do for your Christian Service?

As Christians, we encourage people to help those less fortunate, and those who are in troubled times. God is always there with us, but He uses people to spread His Word throug (MORE)

What is the heart of the Christian service?

The heart of the Christian service is extending God's love to the world by introducing people to Jesus Christ and how he died for the sins of the world so that those who belie (MORE)

What are worship services of Christianity?

well i think you would need a little bit more specific question, but if your asking what worship is I cant definitely give you the answer to that! Well I am a devoted christia (MORE)

What services are available from Christian Connection?

Christian Connection offers online services to help find that special someone. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, or a new friend, Christian Connection is t (MORE)
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Where do people gather for a Christian service?

People gather for Christian services in order to express their love for God and to build their spiritual strength. Another reason people gather for Christian services is to be (MORE)

How is prayer related to Christian Service?

Prayer is communication with God, through prayer - we praise God,we confess our short comings our inadequacies or sin to God, wegive thanks to God, we ask God to work on our b (MORE)