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What is a rash in the shape of circles some small and some bigger on the inside of the thigh and how do you treat it?

In a majority of cases, rashes in the shape of circles of varying size are symptoms of ringworm. These circles are typically a light to dark pink, occasionally a darker red. A (MORE)

What could explain a rash on your stomach?

Stomach rash Honestly, a lot of things could explain a rash. It would be helpful to know more about it, but here are some possibilities: 1) Allergic reaction - usually a gene (MORE)

What causes a rash on stomach and chestshoulders?

  Many things can cause a rash: food allergies, illness, or sometimes there are other causes that are not immediately apparent. Your best bet is to contact a doctor. Witho (MORE)

What kind of spider bite would leave a small circle rash on upper thigh?

  The location of an insect bite generally doesn't affect its shape too much. If it's a small, circular rash, however, that sounds like a brown recluse bite in its early s (MORE)
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Do you get rash on your stomach from herpes?

Herpes can cause the typical rash on any part of the body, including the stomach. When found on the abdomen, herpes zoster has to be considered as well as herpes simplex.
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