What is a water vacuum?

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How do you vacuum with a Clear Water Cartridge Filter?

The only way I was able to vacuum with a cartridge filter was to cut the PVC piping between the filter and the pump and install a tee that would accomodate a backwash hose. On the return line I installed a ball valve to divert the water without going back into the pool. Hope this helps. ANSWER: (MORE)

What is wrong if your pump won't prime when you go to vacuum and water is not shooting back through the return line to fill the hose before vacuuming?

Answer . I will assume you have an in ground pool and you are not able to prime the pump, which means you an air leak, an blocked impeller or a plugged return line.. There are many variables in this situation. If you have not replaced your strainter lid gasket in the last 2 years start there. Al (MORE)

What is a vacuum?

A "vacuum" is a state of emptiness or a void (Latin vacuus ,from vacare , to empty). Classically, it is used to denote a space absent of matter, or ofair, as in outer space. A "pure vacuum" (or complete vacuum) is a state of containingabsolutely no matter, which only theoretically exists. A vacuu (MORE)

How do vacuum cleaners use water to filter air?

There's a sealed tank that's about half full of water, half full of air. At the top of the tank there is a hole going to the vacuum moter, and a tube going to the bottom of the water on one end, and to whatever is sucking off of your floor on the other.. The motor pulls the air out of the top, drop (MORE)

Water boils at what temperature in a vacuum?

vacuum is measured in inches of mercury. sea level is zero. water will boil at 212F. as negative pressure or elevation increases the boiling temp. of water decreases. if you had a pressure reading of 29.7 in" of mercury the water will boil at 192F. if you had a pressure reading of 10 in" of mercury (MORE)

What is in a vacuum?

In space both dark matter and dark energy are believed to be in the vacuum. The general answer is nothing-but light rays can pass invisibly through it. .

Where is Velocity of sound the most- in air or water or vacuum or in iron?

Sound is a mechanical wave, so it can't travel in vacuum. Sound speed will be higher when the molecules of the material it is traveling are closer to each other, this means that it travels the fastest in solids, medium speed in liquids and slower in gases. In vacuum, the speed of sound is zer (MORE)

How do you vacuum?

It will sound kinda silly, but I use a leaf blower in my car, under the seats, and it will blow out all the crud that the vacuum can't reach! Just open all the doors and you can blow out every corner and crevace even in the trunk and glove box. Use regular vacuum afterwards. I even used it under my (MORE)

Can a pendulum swing in water and in air and in a vacuum?

Yes. In a vacuum, the only resistance is the friction in the suspension for the bob of the pendulum. Other than that, it should swing a long time. In air, friction with air will add to the friction in the suspension and it won't swing as well as it would in a vacuum. But it will swing for a while. A (MORE)

Will metal rust in vacuum water?

No, metal will not rust in vaccum water because the process of rusting requires the presence of oxygen and water.But in this case only water is present and since this water contains no air(nor does it contain oxygen) rusting will not take place. Water in a vacuum will become a gas. Then the vac (MORE)

In a vacuum there is no what?

In a vacuum there is no matter. A vacuum is the absence of mass in a given volume of space, so an evacuated space has nothing material in it. There may be electromagnetic energy of some kind or another, however. About the most perfect vacuum we know of is in intergalactic space. In that space, (MORE)

How high can a vacuum lift water at sea level?

Let us assume that you have a "very long" tube filled with pure water and manage to invert the tube (open-end down) into a "very large" water container, without losing any water in the tube (no air has entered the tube). We shall see how long the tube will be in order to form a "vacuum." At this (MORE)

Can you use shop vacuum on a salt water tank?

Probably, but I wouldn't recommend it! Aquarium vacuums work much better, and are often called 'gravel washers' or 'siphons'. They are available online at www.bigalsonline.com under the maintenance section.

How do you vacuum your salt water pool?

You can vacuum a salt water pool the same way you would a non salt water pool. If you are vacuuming on the filter setting, your filter will help to clean the debris out of the pool. If you are dealing with a very dirty pool and use the waste setting, you will be wasting some of the water from the po (MORE)

How does a vacuum keep water cold?

Depending on what you mean: . If water is exposed to a vacuum (no air, not a cleaning mechanism) the water tries to evaporate. or turn to vapor. This sucks heat from the liquid and it cools off. ....any liquid has a specific boiling point. Dont confuse boiling with adding heat OK? So typically (MORE)

How does the speed of sound vary in air water solids and a vacuum?

In a vacuum, sound doesn't exist at all, because it needs some sort of medium through which to travel. (Light, however, can travel in a vacuum.) In air, at 20 °C (68 °F), sound travels at 343 meters per second. The speed increases with temperature and varies if different gasses are used. (MORE)

Does water boil in a vacuum?

Yes This is because boiling is caused by the liquid water turning to gas which is not influenced directly by other materials. However, once in a vacuum the pressure is so low that the water will boil at much lower temperatures.

Does water in a vacuum change temperature?

Indeed it does. If you subjected a wet substance to a vacuum pump, the water would evaporate, and as the hotter molecules escape first. The substance gets colder and colder as the vacuum pressure decreases, eventually becoming an ice form from which it continues to sublimate.

How deep will a vacuum pump water from?

i believe the question should be stated as "How high can a pump pull liquid when mounted above the liquid source". an old pump adage is that a pump doesn't suck. sounds dumb, but it refers to the necessity of having a positive pressure at the suction of the pump greater than the required net positiv (MORE)

Can water destroy a vacuum cleaner?

YES Machines designed to work with water have valves to prevent damage to the motor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In short, Yes. A standard upright vacuum cleaner you'd find in most homes can not tolerate moisture. Shop (MORE)

Why use anti vacuum valve in hot water system?

The heated water pumped through the pipes gets cooled once the exit valve /mixer valve is opened. This results in reduced pressure in the system. So there is chance that air gets sucked into the tubes from atmosphere that causes fluctuating water shower ; or the tubes and reservoir can collapse unde (MORE)

Why does the pump basket lose water when you try to vacuum?

I had this problem as well and it was a cracked gasket in between the pump and the pool. When I wasn't vacuuming the basket was gravity fed by the skimmer but when vacuuming it was suction fed and air enterd the hose. Check your fittings and connections. Hope this helps. Derek

How high can you lift water in a vacuum?

Roughly 16 inches before the surface starts to boil from the vacuum, this is also assuming 33 degree water, the higher the water temp the less lift will be achieved due to water's vapor pressure.

How can you vacuum the bottom of an above ground pool out with out losing the water?

If you have the regular set up that includes a skimmer, pump and filter then you don't have to waste any water. Get an lid-to-hose adapter, that fits over the skimmer basket at your pool supply store. Fill the hose with water and attach it to the lid. Place the lid inside the skimmer over the skimme (MORE)

Can a leaking water pump be the cause of a vacuum leak?

Year, make and engine would help, some diesels had water pump / vacuum pump combo's but in short, any standard non-eccentric, run of the mill grocery getter vehicle in your local shopping center parking lot - no... But year, engine and make would help!

How can water get into a vacuum cleaner?

A common way for water to get into a vacuum cleaner is for it to besucked up off the floor. We also see that some machines withwashable filters have those filters put back in wet. The filtersare supposed to be completely dry before reinstalling them. Manyvacuums can be damaged by water.