What is a water vacuum?

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Water boils at what temperature in a vacuum?

vacuum is measured in inches of mercury. sea level is zero. water will boil at 212F. as negative pressure or elevation increases the boiling temp. of water decreases. if you h

Will metal rust in vacuum water?

No, metal will not rust in vaccum water because the process of rusting requires the presence of oxygen and water.But in this case only water is present and since this water

How do you vacuum your salt water pool?

You can vacuum a salt water pool the same way you would a non salt water pool. If you are vacuuming on the filter setting, your filter will help to clean the debris out of the

How does a vacuum keep water cold?

Depending on what you mean: . If water is exposed to a vacuum (no air, not a cleaning mechanism) the water tries to evaporate. or turn to vapor. This sucks heat from the li

Does water boil in a vacuum?

Yes This is because boiling is caused by the liquid water turning to gas which is not influenced directly by other materials. However, once in a vacuum the pressure is so lo

Does water in a vacuum change temperature?

Indeed it does. If you subjected a wet substance to a vacuum pump, the water would evaporate, and as the hotter molecules escape first. The substance gets colder and colder

How deep will a vacuum pump water from?

i believe the question should be stated as "How high can a pump pull liquid when mounted above the liquid source". an old pump adage is that a pump doesn't suck. sounds dumb,
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Can water destroy a vacuum cleaner?

YES Machines designed to work with water have valves to prevent damage to the motor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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How high can you lift water in a vacuum?

Roughly 16 inches before the surface starts to boil from the vacuum, this is also assuming 33 degree water, the higher the water temp the less lift will be achieved due to wat

How can water get into a vacuum cleaner?

A common way for water to get into a vacuum cleaner is for it to besucked up off the floor. We also see that some machines withwashable filters have those filters put back in