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What was the enlistment age during World War 1?

Answer . I'm pretty sure the enlistment age was 17, but it may be 18. I have read stories of boys who were 15 years old, but the military didn't know that. . well im not going to improve the answer, i just wanna say that if u answer a question with an answer your not sure about, then you may aswe (MORE)

How do you enlist for the army?

It depends which country you live in and where you have citizenship. But if you're a US citizen, residing in the US, you can get a lot of information about enlisting in the army...and even apply online at GoArmy.com.

What age did Hitler enlist in the German army?

He Joined At age 25 Technically he didn't, Hitler joined the Bavarian army (the 16th Royal Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment, part of the 6th Royal Bavarian Reserve Division) on 16. August 1914. The Bavarian army did not become part of the German army until 1919. As a sodier in the Bavarian army (MORE)

Can the president of the USA grant an age waiver for a person to enlist in the military for someone older than the cut off age to enlist?

He could, but he wont. Waivers do not come from the president, the come from the secretary of what ever service you are trying to get into. And if you are too young then you must wait, but if you are at least 17 1/2 and you parents sign the paper work, then you can enlist, but not before that. The m (MORE)

Disability allowed by the army to enlist?

Realistically it depends on what the disability is for, you have to consider if you are current receiving disability you are restricted from preforming certain tasks which could prevent you from preforming duties within the Army. Contact a local recruiter and find out from them. Most likely you will (MORE)

What was the maximum age for enlistment in World War 2?

In the US, 45 years of age was the cut-off for drafting and enlisting. Of course, when national guard and reserve units were activated, many soldiers were over that age and stayed with their units.. The average age for the US fighting man in WW2 was 26, as opposed to 21 in WW1 and 19 in Vietnam.

Enlist in the army?

Steady dependable pay; retire after only 20 years. NO JOB IN THE USA OFFERS THAT!

Lower age limit for ww1 enlistment?

The Age limit for the British army was 19 as the start of the war. Initially only men between the ages of 19 and 38, at least 5 foot 6 inches tall with chest measurements of at least 34 inches were accepted. Many rejected in the first wave of enlistments were later accepted when standards were revis (MORE)

Will the US Army AGAIN raise the age limit to enlist?

As of 3/15/12 The maximum age for enlistment is 35 years old, the Army has no intentions on raising the age limit. The last raise allowed new recruits the opportunity to retire from the Army after 20 years of service at the age of 62 years old.

Do you have to enlist to do ROTC?

No, you do not enlist in the terms of going to a recruiter, however, you are a member of the armed forces and could be given orders. However, college ROTC does require that you sign a contract. Up to the point where you begin your Junior year of classes, you can walk away. If you walk away after tha (MORE)

What is an enlisted marine?

It is an individual who enlisted in th Marine Corps and has completed boot camp. Until that moment he or she was a Recruit. When they graduate they become Marines. The denotation "enlisted" is in contrast with a commisioned officer. enlisted work for a living

What was age limit for military enlistment during WWll?

Officially the age of enlistment was 18, but birth records were not always checked, so many 16 and 17 year olds were able to enlist as well. These boys were subject to immediate discharge if they were discovered, but many served without getting caught.

Can you enlist with a GED?

The military used to look at a GED as a HS diploma-equivalent, but now you would be lucky to be accepted with one. In the Coast Guard, and possibly Air Force, you won't be accepted.

What are the minimum and maximum age requirements for enlistment in the US Military?

Under 10 U.S.C., 505: The minimum age for enlistment into the US military is 17.5 years with parental consent, 18 years without. The Department of Defense (DOD) allows services to set lower recruitment maximum ages, as follows: . Army 42 . Army Reserves 42 . Air Force 27 . Air Force Reserve (MORE)

What are the age requirements for US military enlistment?

USC 10, Subtitle A, PART II, CHAPTER 31 § 505 Regular components: qualifications, term, grade (a) The Secretary concerned may accept original enlistments in the Regular Army, Regular Navy, Regular Air Force, Regular Marine Corps, or Regular Coast Guard, as the case may be, of qualified, eff (MORE)

Why did the ANZACs enlist?

- peer pressure - to help/serve their mother country (Britain) - free travelling/adventure and to see the world

How do you get enlistment bonus?

Talk to your recruiter and enlist in one of the US military services. You must score over a 50 on the ASVAB just to qualify for a bonus, then your ASVAB scores must be able to be qualified for a job that is offering a bonus, not all jobs or branches offer a bonus. Don't get to concerned about a b (MORE)

Why is the legal age for drinking 21 and the legal age for enlisting in the military 18?

Originally, many years ago, the legal drinking age was 21 and adulthood started at 18, just like now. During the Vietnam conflict, the question was raised regarding one's duty (i.e. draft) to fight and/or die for one's country, but the soldier couldn't have a beer. The drinking age was lowerd to 18 (MORE)

What age could a boy enlist in Navy in the forties?

The minimum enlistment age then, as it is today, was 17, and parental permission is required. Quite a few noted sailors and Marines lied about their age and actually enlisted at 16, since records were harder to come by then.

What are the minimum and maximum age requirements for re-enlistment in the US Military?

Reenlistment requires that an initial enlistment contract is completed, and doesn't cover things such as enlistment into another branch of service after being chaptered out of the first branch prior to the completion of the initial enlistment. Given that the minimum age for enlistment in the US mi (MORE)

Is one required to enlist in the military?

In the US, there is no mandatory service requirement. You are, however, required to sign for the Selective Service Act when you turn 18, which makes you eligible for mandatory service, should the draft be reinstated. Some countries do have a mandatory military service requirement. See related link (MORE)

When did sassoon enlist into the war?

I hope this is the Sassoon you are searching for. I posted a link for you. ___ Sigried Sasson had joined the Sussex Yeomanry just prior to the war breaking out. He, along with many others of his generation, rushed to join up before the war because of patriotic fervor. He joined up in 1914.

How do you get out of a military enlistment early?

You can get chaptered out for not meeting height/weight requirements, repeated failures of PT tests, you can get an Article 115 separation for malingering/failure to adapt, you can get a medical chapter if you have or develop a medical condition which prevents you from performing your assigned funct (MORE)

Do you need NJROTC to enlist in the navy?

No, any JROTC program only helps understand more about how the military works and their customs. Anyone within standards (weight, age, criminal background etc.) can join.

Enlistment age for army in Australia in World War 2?

the enlistment age for the Australian army is and has always been 18 years and you have to be 19 to serve overseas, you could join at 15 to become an army apprentice but this was a non combatant role. this was not always enforced to the letter of the law as birth certificates were no always required (MORE)

Should you enlist in the army or enlist in the airforce?

This is a personal decision based on what you hope to do and hope to gain from the experience. While the Army can mean you may see more places, the Air Force usually assigns service members to installations for longer durations. This can provide stability if you have a family with you. Many Army MOS (MORE)

What was the average age of the enlisted soldier 1991 Persian Gulf War?

Being an all volunteer army with equal opportunity, both male & female soldiers were volunteering for money and benefits; which would put them in the post high school age of young men and women looking for jobs. Thus, between 18 and 22 would most likely be the "job hunting" age for most military enl (MORE)

How long is the enlistment for a cook in the army?

Average enlistments are from 1-6 years, from recruitment. But, you will be obligated for 8 years so lets say you enlist for 5 dont like it and dont reenlist then you go home after 5 years you still owe the army 3 more year, you will be put in the IRR (inactive ready reserve) and can be called upon a (MORE)

What rank is Enlisted?

Private, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant ranks up to and including Sergeant Major of the Army (Army) Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, all Sergeant ranks up to and including Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (Marine Corps) Airman Basic, Airman, Airman (MORE)

Why did Americans enlist?

Americans have, historically, enlisted in the armed forces for anynumber of reasons. Some do it because they want to serve theircountry. Others do it as a way to further their education. Stillothers do it because it is the best career they can participate in.Some do it because they want to work on s (MORE)