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What age did Hitler enlist in the German army?

He Joined At age 25 Technically he didn't, Hitler joined the Bavarian army (the 16th Royal Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment, part of the 6th Royal Bavarian Reserve Division (MORE)

Lower age limit for ww1 enlistment?

  The Age limit for the British army was 19 as the start of the war. Initially only men between the ages of 19 and 38, at least 5 foot 6 inches tall with chest measurement (MORE)

What are the minimum and maximum age requirements for enlistment in the US Military?

Under 10 U.S.C., 505: The minimum age for enlistment into the US military is 17.5 years with parental consent, 18 years without. The Department of Defense (DOD) allows servi (MORE)

What are the age requirements for US military enlistment?

USC 10, Subtitle A, PART II, CHAPTER 31 § 505   Regular components: qualifications, term, grade (a) The Secretary concerned may accept original enlistments in the Regul (MORE)

Enlistment age for army in Australia in World War 2?

the enlistment age for the Australian army is and has always been 18 years and you have to be 19 to serve overseas, you could join at 15 to become an army apprentice but this (MORE)