What is an example of a student's breaking a safety rule when dealing with chemicals?

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What are the rules in chemical safety disposal?

All chemicals have a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Refer to the MSDS of the chemical, the data sheet will instruct on proper disposal. Or, call the manufactuer of the che

What are safety rules?

Safety rules are rules from which we can be safe from getting hurt. Safety rules may vary for different places and different reasons. In the U.S., OSHA has safety rules and gu

What are the safety rules for handling solid chemical substances?

Be careful.. Know your product and the policies associated with it storage and transportation.. We're not being wise guys here. It's just that the rules for handling chemica

What is the safety rules and safety symbols?

Ladder Safety . Make sure that your ladder is sturdy. . Make sure the ladder is on level ground and secure. . The ladder should be opened completely and locked in pl

What are the safety rules?

The safety are are all here. 1. Never play with fire. 2. Never play with knives. 3. Never play with guns and other weapons. 4. Always be very careful. 5. Never

How do you deal with breaking rules in class?

not break rules !but if you do then try your hardest not to by getting on with your work and stop doing what ever you do thatbreaks the rules keep telling yourself that by not

Safety rules when dealing with electricity?

dont provide contact for the electricity to jump(dont thouch exposed wires etc.) dont place near liquids or other conductive materials as it could jump. wear industrial ru