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What is an example of weathering but not erosion?

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What is weathering and erosion?

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks in situ. This includes disintegration and solution of minerals (i.e. chemical), breaking down of rock by animals and plants (biologica

Weathering and erosion?

To put is simply, weathering is breaking big rocks into small rocks. Erosion is moving those small rocks somewhere else - by wind, water or ice.

What can weathering and erosion do?

weathering can break down rocks into sediments then erosion carries the sediments from one place to another. Last but not least deposition lies all the sediments down

What does weathering and erosion do?

Weathering is the physical wearing down of rock or the earth, and erosion is the movement of the particles loosened by weathering. Weathering can be either mechanical or chemi