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What is an old star of average size that has begun to expand and cool as its fuel has began to run out?

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What is A Star that has expanded and cooled?

A star that has undergone expansion, deflation and cooling is known  as a white dwarf, or degenerate dwarf. It is a small star made up  of mainly electron-degenerate matter.

A star that has expanded and cooled?

The general category is known as a dead star. There are three kinds  of dead stars:    1. a white dwarf, which oddly enough by its description does not  seem to be a

Do stars run out of fuel?

Yes, stars run out of fuel eventually. When stars are formed, their core is mostly made of compressed hydrogen and helium, which the star will use to supply its energy during

Do stars expand in size?

Stars expand in size to become red giants, when they start running low on Hydrogen fuel.