Are pads better than tampons?

It all depends because if you are more active Tampons are right for you. If you don't do sports you have more of a choice. Pads are easier but you need a tampon for swimming. (MORE)

Which pad is better?

I have mostly tried the brand names. I like the overnight pads for heavy periods by Always Infinity and by Kotex (the multi-colored packages). It really depends on you and y (MORE)

Which is better I pod touch or I pad?

It usually depends on people. Some people like I-pads better and some people like I pod touch better. Ipads have biggerscreens but hard to carry it around, abd i pod is small (MORE)
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What can you do with an i pads?

you can watch movies play games, hear music, write memos, facetime( i pad 2 ) and take pics( i pad 2 )

Can windows 7 be run on the asus eee pad transformer?

No, the Eee Pad Transformer has an ARM processor, a different architecture to any machine Windows 7 runs on. Windows 7 typically runs on x86 architecture CPUs. For an analogy, (MORE)
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What can you do on the Asus eee pad transformer?

play games, take pics, browse the internet, organize your day, plan vacations, keep photos and videos, everything you cab do on a laptop,school work, and alot more.
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What can you do on a i pad?

You can do many things. For example: . Check Email . Go online in Safari . Play games . Check stocks, weather, and find directions . Listen to music . Text others-with a (MORE)
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What is I pad?

An iPad is a portable electronic tablet made by Apple. A tablet interms of technology is basically a bigger smartphone.