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Why excretion of the body waste is important?

  Excretion is an important metabolic process because it is what filters out the harmful wastes the body does not need. Without it, the toxins could prove harm and fatalit

How does the body eliminate wastes?

body eliminate wastes in form of asolid feeces and urine.kidney filters blood and excrete urine as waste.food enters from mouth to stomch which stores food which then pases to

Why is it important to eliminate wastes from your body?

the build up of wastes in the human body should be prevented. some wastes like urea and even salt, cause harm to cerain organs, these are examples of harmful wastes. on the ot

How does the body get rid of unwanted wastes?

There are many processes a body uses to get rid of unwanted wastes. Here are afew; excretion, sweating, in some cases perging(vomiting) also the kidneys filter the wastes from

Why should body waste be removed from the body?

  Can you imagine how big you would be if everything that went in stayed there Not to mention the fact that your body produces poisons that would kill you after about a we

Which body system removes body waste?

  The Excretory System removes wastes. This system includes the skin, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys, and the large intestine. The skin removes sweat. The lungs remove
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How do snake release the waste out of their body?

They defecate and urinate - just like other animals do. Their waste  is expelled at the cloaca - a ventral opening at the base of the  tail. Faeces is usually dark brown - a