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What is the postcode for US?

The US has zip codes which is a 5 digit number with optional 4 digit extension for more precise locating. see the link.

Where is Cinderella from?

There are Cinderella stories from many cultures. The one most Americans are familiar with comes from a French fairytale credited to Charles Perrault.

What is Cinderella about?

One of the movies based on the famous fairy tail is about A girl named Cindy who's father marries a widow with 2 daughters. Her father dies and her stepmother makes her move t

What is Adelaides postcode?

Adelaide City has a postcode of 5000. All South Australian postcodes are in the 5000 range. For example Glynde = 5070, Trinity Gardens = 5068 etc etc

What is Amman's postcode?

AMMAN CENTRAL | 11110 / AL -ABDALI | 11190 / AL - SUWAIFIYAH | 11185 / JORDAN UNIVERSITY | 11942 / AL-JUBAIHA | 11941 / TLA" ALI | 11953 / JORDAN HOTEL | 11180 / AL-WEHDAT | 1

Who creates postcodes?

The Royal Mail. Post codes are broken down into 4 groups in two alphanumeric pairs. A(A)0(0) 0(0) AA; where A represents a letter and 0 is a number. Their designations are: