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Why are satellites launched into a easterly direction?

Most satellites are launched to the east to utilize the earth's rotation as an extra propelling force. The earth is rotating in a counter-clockwise direction when viewed from the North Pole (from west to east), and when we launch our satellites east we take advantage of this momentum (angular moment ( Full Answer )

What is broadcasting?

Process by which a message is sent from a single hosts on the network, without regard to the kind of data being sent or the destination of the data

How do you Broadcast over Satellite radio?

To broadcast over satellite radio, you have to win a contract withone of the satellite radio companies. They are always adding newchannels, but it would be more feasible to pitch your show to onethe channels.

What direction do satellites orbit?

Most rotate east to west - the same direction as the Earth below. This is a requirement for geostationary orbit, and requires the least energy for launch. But there are other sattelites that travel in any other conceivable direction; the most common "weird" direction is pole to pole.

Is DISH satellite better than direct tv?

Dish Network has 295+ channels in its network, while Direct TV has 265+ channels. Regarding international channels, Dish Network features 19 different languages including Polish, Urdu, Farsi, Israeli, and Portuguese. Meanwhile, Direct TV has 9, including Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, and Vietnamese. . ( Full Answer )

When was the First satellite broadcast of a rock star?

It was by Elvis Presley in Hawaii in 1973, seen in over 36 countries, over a billion people were watching No. It was on June 25, 1967 when the Beatles sang "All You Need is Love" with several other rock stars like Mick Jagger and Graham Nash. It was part of a longer broadcast that supposedly reach ( Full Answer )

Which direction does a direct tv satellite need to point?

Open a web browser such as Firefox and go to http://www.sat-direction.com/. Enter your address or location, and select the desired satellite. It will draw the direction of the satellite on google maps.

Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit and why?

YES Satellites in geostationary orbit have an orbital period that is exactly the same as the Earth's rotational period. This means that looking from Earth the satellite appears to be stationary in the sky. This means that satellite dishes can be fixed (or static) and do not require complex motorised ( Full Answer )

What do satellite television companies use to broadcast microwave signals?

It's a microwave transmitter...literally. They usually run from about 100 watts and the one's we used would do as much as 2,000 watts, if needed. I've no doubt that there are more powerful units out there but these seemed to work OK here in the Midwest for the most part.

Can a satellite dish be used as a broadcast TV antennae?

Sort of, but not really. A satellite dish is designed to look only in one direction and amplify the signals it receives to make weaker signals acceptable. Using it as a broadcast antenna would be very inefficient and difficult just because it can only look in one direction at a time. It would also p ( Full Answer )

What is different limited broadcast and directed broadcast?

Limited Broadcast - Sent to all NICs on the some network segment as the source NIC. It is represented with the TCP/IP address. This broadcast is not forwarded by routers so will only appear on one network segment. . Direct broadcast - Sent to all hosts on a network. Routers may ( Full Answer )

Is satellite direct tv on PC legitimate?

of course, it is legitimate. However, if you really want to watchsatellite tv on pc, you need some satellite equipments, such assatellite pc card or USB smargo card reader. ect ---------------------------------------- Hello... Satellite Direct is legitimate. I'm a current user of thesoftware and se ( Full Answer )

What are opinions on Satellite Direct?

If you are referring to ETV Corp's Satellite Direct software,here's the scoop. This service and product has greatly improved inthe pass year, so reading negative comments that were posted oneyear or more ago are irrelevant to say the least. Find recentreviews and information posted (by real users) a ( Full Answer )

What channels does satellite direct tv offer?

there are more than 265 channels depending on the package you willbe getting. refer to the related link that i will include with thiswiki. ------------------------------ If you are referring to ETV Corp's Satellite Direct software, thenthe correct answer would be 3,500 channels, give or take. The b ( Full Answer )

Is Satellite Direct TV a Scam?

most people say it is. however, the reason why they call it a scam,it's because of the false advertisement. satellite direct tvadvertised that their channels are live around the world butunfortunately the channels that you'll be getting are pre-recordedwhich is true to all satellite tv for PC. some ( Full Answer )

Frequency of radio broadcast transmit via satellite?

Depending primarily on its frequency,radio wave may travel from the tranmitting to the receiving aerial in a number of ways.The most important of these are : 1. Ground waves (or Surface waves):they are useful for low frequencies of below 1000 KHz . 2. Sky waves: the transmission of radio waves i ( Full Answer )

Can a satellite dish be put in an attic like a broadcast antenna?

No, not really. The satellite signals are much weaker than broadcast signals and they will not make it through solid objects such as a roof. You can get the antenna installed completely free if you shop around, and federal law allows you to put the antenna up, invalidating most local ordinances a ( Full Answer )

What direction of the gravitational force and centripetal force on a satellite?

The gravitational force on a satellite is towards the center of the Earth. The gravitational force IS the centripetal force is this case, so the centripetal force pulls the satellite towards the center of the Earth. There is no balancing force that pulls the satellite outwards (if there were, it wou ( Full Answer )

Is Direct TV cable or satellite?

Direct TV uses a satellite dish to give programming that rivals the best cable packages at much cheaper prices. They use a Whole home DVR that can be accessed from anywhere to control all of your TV's.

Do you have to have satellite to get direct TV?

Yes, you will need to have a satellite to receive Direct tv. Direct tv is a satellite company which utilizes satellites to keep a connection on their serves.

How much does satellite direct cost?

On average about $29.99 a month, but the price varies depending on what kind of channels you would like to add, like "movies on demand" or "disney XD."

Is satellite direct better than cable?

"Satellite TV offers better picture quality than cable TV. However,harsh weather conditions may affect the picture on the TV whenusing a satellite. There are also a wide variety of choices whenusing a satellite versus cable TV>" --------------------- If you are referring to ETV Corp's Satellite Dir ( Full Answer )

Why do direct broadcast satellite systems stop working in thunderstorms?

The Impact of Satellite Rain Fade Rain rate is the most common factor used to determine rain fade. Rain fade seems to correlate very closely with the volume of raindrops (expressed in cubic wavelengths) along the path of propagation. This is opposed to the common misconception that the degree of a ( Full Answer )

Why do local broadcast television stations have so many large satellite dishes?

Broadcast television stations are heavily reliant on communication with other television production organizations and content delivery companies. Although land based communications are becoming ever faster, the television industry has been built on satellite communication systems due to the very mo ( Full Answer )

What is Satellite direct V2?

I'm hoping you are referring to ETV Corp's Satellite Directsoftware. If so, the V2 is part of the version number of thesofware when downloaded to your computer. To elaborate further...Perhaps you are thinking there may be two different versions. Inthat case, your thinking would be correct but it's n ( Full Answer )

What makes satellite television different from broadcast television?

Satellite television requires the installation of a satellite dish which receives the television signal from satellites orbiting the earth. Regular television uses antenna to pick up signal from broadcasting towers. Satellite television typically offers more channels and program options than regular ( Full Answer )

What is the monthly fee for Satellite Direct service?

The monthly fee can vary greatly for the satellite direct services available for most consumers, however most of the time it runs between 60 to 120 dollars a month depending on features.

What companies provide satellite direct tv in the USA?

A couple of companies that provide satellite direct tv in the USA are the Dish Network and DIRECTV. Other smaller companies offer similar services but these are the most established companies in the USA.

Where can one read reviews of Direct satellite TV?

Reviews for Direct TV can be found on Yelp, ebay forums and the site Pissed Consumer. Reviews seem to be split between people who seem to love the service, and other who have extensive complaints.

Which satellite TV companies are competitors with Direct TV?

Direct TV has a few competitors in satellite TV companies. Just to name a few there is Roger's, Dish Network, Eastlink and Bell. They all offer different bundle package, one just needs to decide which package is the best for their needs.