What is direct broadcast satellite?

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How do you Broadcast over Satellite radio?

To broadcast over satellite radio, you have to win a contract withone of the satellite radio companies. They are always adding newchannels, but it would be more feasible to pi

What direction do satellites orbit?

Most rotate east to west - the same direction as the Earth below. This is a requirement for geostationary orbit, and requires the least energy for launch. But there are ot

When was the First satellite broadcast of a rock star?

It was by Elvis Presley in Hawaii in 1973, seen in over 36 countries, over a billion people were watching No. It was on June 25, 1967 when the Beatles sang "All You Need is

Does dbs also known as direct broadcast satellite such as directv and dishtv orbit in a geosynchronous orbit and why?

YES Satellites in geostationary orbit have an orbital period that is exactly the same as the Earth's rotational period. This means that looking from Earth the satellite appear

What is different limited broadcast and directed broadcast?

Limited Broadcast - Sent to all NICs on the some network segment as the source NIC. It is represented with the TCP/IP address. This broadcast is not forwarde

Why do direct broadcast satellite systems stop working in thunderstorms?

The Impact of Satellite Rain Fade Rain rate is the most common factor used to determine rain fade. Rain fade seems to correlate very closely with the volume of raindrops (ex