What is English?

The noun English is a word for the language originating inEngland. The adjective English is a word used to describe someone orsomething as of or from England.

Who is English?

Lots of people are english, in fact from all over the world but some come from another country but speak english.

English of galunggong?

"Galunggong is an extremely common fish in Philippine waters and markets.agal1 Considered the benchmark of locals' well-being, the price of a kilo of galunggong is tracked by (MORE)

How are you not English?

You may have a different colour skin than white (not all people with a different skin colour aren't English though), different shaped eyes... etc.

What is in English?

When someone asks you to write or speak 'in English', they mean to use the English language, spelling, and grammar rules. Conversely, if a form in France asked you to fill (MORE)

What is this ' in English?

It is called an apostrophe. (Uh-poss-tro-fee) It is used for contractions: Don't - Short for do not Won't - Short for will not It's - Short for it is You get the idea. It als (MORE)

How do you get English?

Years of practice. It also helps to be fluent in slang/ modern verbage, and be able to understand voice inflections and undertones to understand different emotions, intent and (MORE)