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If you speak English can you teach English?

Speaking English is a confront for any learner of the language,especially when they're not well up to with the vocabulary and thegrammar. However, these are obstacles that can (MORE)

What do you have to do in English?

English is a language just like any other you may be speaking. To improve in this aspects, setting up blogs, reading newspapers and books, listening, conversing and picking up (MORE)

What is meant in English by 'Do you speak English'?

If someone asks you in English "Do you speak English?" they simply  want to know if you can understand a certain amount of English.   However, it may also be used sarcast (MORE)

English of galunggong?

"Galunggong is an extremely common fish in Philippine waters and markets.agal1 Considered the benchmark of locals' well-being, the price of a kilo of galunggong is tracked by (MORE)

Which is correct English my teacher of English or my English teacher?

"My English teacher" would be better, but it would not be completely wrong to use the other way. Use "my teacher of English" if specifying the subject being taught. Like 'my (MORE)

Do English people speak English?

Most of England and the UK speaks English, although it may differ in some ways from that spoken in the US, or Australia, or other English-speaking countries.
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Is it 'He do not speak English' or 'He does not speak English'?

"He does not", or, "he doesn't speak English" would be correct. It would never be 'he do not speak English,' as that is incorrect grammar.
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What distinguishes old English from middle English and modern English?

Old English (up to about 1200) has an exclusively Germanic vocabulary, complex declension systems, a completely separate set of pronouns for two people as opposed to one or th (MORE)

Is british English a dialect of English?

Yes. A dialect is a variant of a language that is characteristic  of a particular group of people. This means that any particular  regional variant of a language, like Engli (MORE)